Introducing TrialPay: Users earn in-game rewards

Introducing TrialPay: Users earn in-game rewards

tp-colored-logoTrialPay is a service that allows you to monetize your apps by letting users complete various tasks to earn in-game rewards. These tasks include installing apps, taking surveys, and so on.

“In our ongoing efforts to help developers better engage and reward their users, we have enabled access to our alternative payment tools as a plugin in the Corona SDK. We are excited about this partnership and helping to make it easier for existing Corona developers to access our tools. As part of our acquisition by Visa in April 2015, one of our new features is the ability to unlock offline payment spend as a way for your users to earn currency in your app. We look forward to your feedback and working with all the Corona developers!” said Tiffany Kwong, VP of Partnerships.

To implement TrialPay, you will first need to sign up at their developer portal. Once logged in, click on the My Evergreen Apps tab to add your app. Then, simply add the relevant code to your build.settings and other modules as needed. Please see the documentation to learn more.

Corona Labs is committed to providing you unique ways to monetize your apps. If you want to discuss this plugin further, join us in the Corona forums.

Rob Miracle

Rob is the Developer Relations Manager for Corona Labs. Besides being passionate about helping other developers make great games using Corona, he is also enjoys making games in his spare time. Rob has been coding games since 1979 from personal computers to mainframes. He has over 16 years professional experience in the gaming industry.

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