Welcome Chartboost and AdColony to our monetization family

Welcome Chartboost and AdColony to our monetization family


chartboost-adcolonyOutside of the 12+ other monetization plugins now available, Corona is also proud to announce support for Chartboost and AdColony. As some of you know, these ad networks are quite possibly the most heavily requested by the community and we are pleased to offer them officially. As with our other monetization plugins, these will be kept up-to-date as their underlying SDKs are updated to ensure the best user experience.

Unlike our other monetization plugins, integration of Chartboost or AdColony works slightly differently. In order to use them in your projects, you will first need to activate Corona Ads, create an app within the Corona Ads dashboard, and then activate the app for Chartboost and/or AdColony.

To be clear, you do not need to use Corona Ads — simply add your apps and activate these third-party ad networks within the Corona Ads dashboard. You also do not need an account with Chartboost or AdColony; you will receive payment for user activity from Corona Labs instead of from the ad networks directly.

Similar to our AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network plugins (quite popular in the community as well), Corona will take a small 5% commission before paying the remaining 95% to you, the developer.

As always, the Corona Labs team is dedicated to ensuring the quality of builds while making the overall process of developing apps easier and more profitable. That’s why we are excited to offer you over a dozen monetization plugins — and now Chartboost and AdColony — as improved ways to monetize your apps. Join us in the forums to discuss these great additions.

  • Steve Bullock
    Posted at 07:36h, 01 September

    Congratulations Corona Team! It’s great to have an “official” and “supported” way to implement Chartboost. And the 5% seems reasonable. I have some important questions related to Chartboost/Amazon ads that I will post in the forums. But this is welcome news.

  • David Grant
    Posted at 11:09h, 02 September

    If all the ads get funneled through corona ads then we miss out on a huge feature of chartboost which is the direct deals. Not only that but we won’t be able to block advertisers that are performing poorly. Also chartboost gives you the ability to transfer earned revenue into advertising money (pre tax) we’ll miss out on that ability to.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like corona will have the chartboost account and all the features of that account and then we sign up with the limited corona ads and chartboost won’t even know we exist. If that’s the case what happens if coronas account gets banned from chartboost?