Facebook plugin update – we are out of beta!

Facebook plugin update – we are out of beta!

We are pleased to announce that the latest Corona Facebook plugin is now out of beta. This plugin is now utilizing the Facebook 4.16.1 SDK and we have included some additional features as well.

If you are upgrading from previous versions of the Facebook “v4” plugin, please see the Facebook Versioning/Upgrading guide which also includes details about the new features we’ve introduced.

For developers currently using the legacy plugin, on October 30, 2016, Facebook will automatically map the Graph API 2.1 calls used in that plugin to Graph API 2.2. Your app may be impacted by this change, so we recommend that you consult Facebook’s change log as well as their API Upgrade Tool to see what API calls your app is making in comparison to the 2.2 calls. Upgrading to the current plugin gives you access to Graph API 2.8 which will be supported until October 2018.

Questions or comments? Please join us in the Corona Forums!

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