Introducing the new ZeroConf (Zero Configuration) plugin

Introducing the new ZeroConf (Zero Configuration) plugin

Corona Labs is pleased to announce the new ZeroConf (Zero Configuration) plugin, useful for making devices talk to each other over local networks. Basically, the ZeroConf plugin allows you to discover and publish services which can be used for local multiplayer games or to synchronize data. This is similar technology to how Corona Live Builds communicate with your computer and your devices.

This plugin manages discovery of devices (listening on specific TCP/IP ports) as well as announcing that your device is available to connect to. After that, you can use socket.* API calls to manage communications between the devices.


To get started, visit the Corona Marketplace and activate the plugin. Then, follow the documentation to set up your server and client for discovery.

Questions or comments? Join us in the Corona Forums to discuss.

Get the ZeroConf plugin

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