Featured Game: Cowboy Gold Round-Up Platformer

Featured Game: Cowboy Gold Round-Up Platformer

Cowboy Gold Round-Up Platformer was released recently by Corona developer Mike Hempfling of Crave Creative.  In this game, you must navigate through the levels, collect gold, and kill or avoid various monsters and traps.

What’s noteworthy is that the game was built using the free Sticker Knight Platformer template, available in the Corona Marketplace or from our Getting Started guide index. Within a few days after release, it was featured in the top 30 listing in the “Free Action Apps” category of the Apple App Store (United Kingdom).

Cowboy Gold Round-Up Platformer is available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.


Rob Miracle

Rob Miracle creates mobile apps for his own enjoyment and the amusement of others. He serves the Corona Community in the forums, on the blog, and at local events.

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