#madewithcorona: Mission Me!

#madewithcorona: Mission Me!

Periodically a game comes along that breaks out and does something different. Corona Labs would like to introduce you to Mission Me by Sillysoft Games. Mission Me is a lifestyle game.

In this game, you get missions that you frequently have to do in real life and may require you to get off of your device for a while to accomplish. As you complete missions, you gain experience and move up to more missions. Example missions include things like “Clean up your desk and add a decoration” or “Say something nice to a cashier”. You start with “Self” missions and move to “Family” missions and so on.

This game is engaging and helps you with your own self-esteem. The game is available as a free app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Check it out! If you want you can leave feedback to the developer in our Community Forums!


Rob Miracle

Rob is the Developer Relations Manager for Corona Labs. Besides being passionate about helping other developers make great games using Corona, he is also enjoys making games in his spare time. Rob has been coding games since 1979 from personal computers to mainframes. He has over 16 years professional experience in the gaming industry.

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