Update on Corona Cloud and Analytics

Update on Corona Cloud and Analytics

I wanted to give you an update on Corona Cloud and specifically how it will affect our current analytics over the next few weeks.

Okay, so first up is Corona Cloud. We are very close. The response to our closed beta has been phenomenal. So I can’t wait to open this up to all of you (Corona developers as well as non-Corona developers!) and making mobile development even faster/easier. In the next week we will be opening up the beta even further and our projected launch date is in early/mid March. Stay tuned for more info — especially those of you that have signed up for the beta. We’ve got a Corona twist that I think many of you, especially Indies, will really appreciate!

Now let’s chat about analytics. As part of the Corona Cloud launch, we are overhauling our analytics infrastructure. This means we’ll be temporarily bringing down our analytics at the end of February. And we will have our new analytics system up and running quickly (by mid-March). I know this may be an inconvenience to some of you. Rest assured, our new and improved analytics will be better, more reliable, and more useful.

As I mentioned on Monday’s post, we’ve been working on a ton of stuff that’s behind the scenes. What I didn’t say was that we are very close to getting these things into your hands. Stay tuned!

  • M. Knezovic
    Posted at 17:38h, 25 February

    Well, I really hope I can make it to beta program… Corona Cloud is just what Corona SDK was missing all along! At least in my book 🙂

  • Chris Rennie
    Posted at 06:10h, 20 March

    Today is March 20th. About as mid-march as you can get. I have stayed tuned waiting an update. Are we close to cloud coverage?


  • Altaf
    Posted at 23:34h, 28 March


    When do we expect the analytics to be back again? its almost end of march?