App of the Week: Climate Clock

Climate Clock
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Climate ClockWhether you’re checking climate conditions locally or while traveling, weather apps are a handy way to get the latest updates. This week’s App of the Week, Climate Clock, is the superstar of weather apps. Available for iPhone, Climate Clock soared as the #1 weather app in the App Store, in a dozen countries last week.

Climate Clock
Climate Clock provides both time and hourly forecasts in one sleek, elegant package. The home screen reflects a clock with digits replaced by weather predictions. In the case of today’s San Francisco forecast, the number digits on the clock were swapped with hourly temperatures, encased by bubbly suns and clouds. To gain more insight on the day, I tapped the screen to switch from the hourly temperature to today’s wind speed and chance of rain.

Based on Climate Clock’s predictions, I learned that San Francisco can expect a little sunshine today, with a high temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit. And thanks to the app’s 10-day forecast, I’m looking forward to soaking up more sun over the weekend, with expected highs in the low 70s.

Climate Clock
is available for a special price of $.99 in the App Store. Snag it today!

Climate Clock App – Minimal Hourly Weather Forecast from Benjamin Wong on Vimeo.

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  1. Danel says:

    $0.99 for yet another weather app that variations of already exist on every phone, for free … seriously?
    It is graphically impressive but there is nothing new or innovative here. The apps of the week have gotten increasingly uninteresting lately and what ever happened to ‘runner up’ or ‘honorable mentions’ as you were doing previously?
    Also $0.99 is a special price? Is the price on this ‘handy’ app actually going to increase?

  2. @Danel: I absolutely love Corona, but I have been seriously underwhelmed with 95 percent of the “App of the Week” choices for the past year. Very seldom something really cool or impressive passes by, but most of the time I’m thinking “well this isn’t going to help much if want to persuade my coder friends to start using Corona”.

    In the same vein the tutorials suffer from a lack of quality material (in my personal opinion of course). The past month things have been better somehow, but the lack of any serious object oriented programming guide is unforgiveable to me. The lack of O.O.P. tutorials and weak showcase apps work together to create an image of Corona as a “kiddy / hobbyist apps” framework, while it is certainly very pro. As I said at the start of my post, I love Corona and am very impressed with the core product. The tutorials and apps of the week fail to impress me week after week.

    p.s. The lack of definitive but clear to understand O.O.P. tutorials is not only a problem for Corona but for Lua in general. Corona has a tremendous opportunity to become THE online standard and go-to place for O.O.P. in Lua, covering all bases. Why is this not happening?

  3. Khalid Ahmad says:

    This app is amazing, would it be possible to produce the source code without the images, thank you