App of the Week: Cling!

App of the Week: Cling!

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If you embraced the cartoon-esque graphics and intuitive gameplay of Gotta Feed Garp, Cling! will have you instantly hooked. Cling! is a pegformer arcade game that’s developed by First 5 Games. The Floria based-studio’s mission is to capture a player’s attention within the first five seconds to create five lifetimes of enjoyment. By providing endlessly enjoyable gameplay and gorgeous graphics, Cling! holds true to the studio’s motto.

The star of Cling! Is Edgar – a six-tentacled eyeball that lives in a toy vending machine. When a child drops a quarter into the machine to retrieve a prize, Edgar has a chance at freedom. Unfortunately, Edgar’s capsule breaks and he must battle the dangers of the machine to escape. Your job is to guide him through the vending machine maze, reaching a transporter in each level, and avoiding dangerous obstacles and falls.

The gameplay is simple: as you touch pegs on the screen, Edgar uses a unique wall-crawling style of movement and “clings” onto the floating pegs. Your finger acts as a focal point for where Edgar travels in the maze. The blue pegs pull Edgar in, while green pegs push him away, and red blocks electrocute him. Edgar also happens to be a bit of a fashionista and loves his headgear – if you can lead Edgar to safety and pick up hats and other goodies along the way, you’ll earn extra points.

See why fans award Cling! with a 5-star average rating and check is out for $2.99 in the App Store.

Honorable Mention

Russian Dolls icon

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls is a fun, simple dress-up game for young children, that’s both entertaining and educational. From dresses to overalls to sweaters, Russian dolls offers a variety of fun clothing options to stylishly dress the on-screen doll. As a child dresses the doll by dragging and dropping articles of clothing, the app says the name and color of each selection. Once the doll is dressed in the perfect outfit, children can even snap a photo of their creation and save it to the device’s gallery. Check out this cross-platform game in the App Store or on Google Play.

  • Dave Baxter
    Posted at 01:18h, 19 March

    Looks really nice but a bit expensive when you look at the prices of the IAP as well.

    Also if the developers read this, edit your app description. Your sale was last weekend.


  • Thomas Vanden Abeele
    Posted at 07:29h, 19 March

    My thoughts exactly – but hey, if the developer pulls off selling at this price then well done! My next game is also going to be more expensive than one dollar, I think, but that’s because there is a really complex level editor built into the game.

  • Nick G
    Posted at 21:57h, 20 March

    2.99 is a high price, then you have IAP on top of that. I can’t see that happening, when other games that are free have IAP, at the top of charts. Some games go the .99 route then put IAP in there, that’s seems ok and seems to be a win win. But when you charge that much, I get the impression I’m getting everything. Personally, the second I see additional IAP after I just dropped 3 bucks, would probably get a pissed off review from me. Just sayin’

    Perhaps, I’m wrong but looking at 9/10 games on top grossing are free says a lot.

    Gameplay looks very cool, but the price of admission is very steep in comparison. Don’t take what I’m saying as your game sucks, I think it looks great, just a lot of indie devs I’ve been in touch lately with great games price high, get nothing price lower get something or go free for a bit to push up charts then convert to paid at a lower price point.