App of the Week: The PossibiliTree

App of the Week: The PossibiliTree

PossibiliTree iconCreated by South African writer and illustrator Tamlyn Young, The PossibiliTree is a collection of pieces that speak to the power of storytelling as a form of human interaction. Created for both children and adults, the app is a lovely, philosophical experience for the iPhone and iPad. Built with Corona SDK, the app also relied on TexturePacker to create sprite sheets quickly and easily.

The PossibiliTree screenshotThe PossibiliTree was inspired by the idea that society is formed through the interwoven stories of its inhabitants, and it’s up to us to discover the beauty in each tale. The app introduces themes of self-identity and human relationships, and revolves around the idea that who we ultimately become is a reflection of our past experiences.

The PossibiliTree’s gorgeous illustrations coupled with the app’s thought-provoking concept, offers a unique digital experience. Check out The PossibiliTree on iTunes for $3.99 and get inspired to write your own story.

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