Device Analytics are back!
Device Analytics Chart
After many adventures we’ve got a robust system that can handle the billions of sessions that Corona SDK apps generate each month. We’re doing a staged rollout with the first available chart being Sessions by Device per Day. As you can see from the screen shot above, you’ll get a stacked chart that will show you the total number of sessions on the Y-axis and the sessions per device in colored bands. You can hover over the chart to see individual daily session counts per device. Click on a device name in the legend to toggle its inclusion in the chart.

We eliminated the last gremlin in the works yesterday (2013-04-23) so that’s the first data you’ll see for some apps. For other apps, there should be a full month of data.

Get started on the Dashboard.

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  1. It’s definitely working for a bunch of applications.

    Send an email to including your appId (if you know it) or the package name of your app and your Corona login id (the email address you log in to the Simulator with) and I’ll take a look.

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