Tap for Tap: Cross-Promotion and Monetization Solutions for Corona Developers (Guest Piece)

Tap for Tap: Cross-Promotion and Monetization Solutions for Corona Developers (Guest Piece)

Eric Dyck is the co-founder and VP of Marketing of Tap for Tap. He’s also the host of a video podcast series called Tap Your App where he first befriended Corona Geek, Charles McKeever. It was that meeting, that led to a newly-launched partnership between Tap for Tap and Corona Labs.

Tap for TapTap for Tap is very excited to be partnered with Corona Labs and even more excited to hear from Corona Developers as they explore the list of excellent 3rd party services now available.

We know what Corona Labs is all about: Helping developers build high quality, cross-platform mobile apps in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch.

So what is Tap for Tap all about?

Simply put, Tap for Tap is here to help Android and iOS developers get users and make money. Corona helps you build your app and Tap for Tap helps you build your app business. We are a cross-promotion and monetization network for mobile apps and our services include a tap exchange, an ad network, a self promotion tool and a paid promotion network, all in one easy to use platform.

Corona developers can sign up here for a Tap for Tap account and use our Corona Plugin. Then choose how you want to show ads in your app; we offer banners, interstitials and app walls. Next, you can select what kind of ads you’d like to show and how you’d like to be paid using our Earning Preference Slider.

Choose “Get Users” if you’d like to participate in the Tap Exchange. Here you will show ads for other developers and every time you generate a tap or a click on one of their ads from one of your users, you will be paid back by getting a tap on an ad for your app on our network. This user exchange allows you to grow engagement with your app, scaling your installs at no cost.

If you’re more interested in making ad revenue from the ads you show, just select “Make Money” on the Earning Preference Slider and you’ll start showing paid ads and earn a share of any revenue generated. You can select any mix of get users/make money that suits your app business.

If you have more than one app, be sure to take advantage of our Self Promotion tool which allows you to choose what percentage of your traffic you’d like to use to promote your own app.

Tap for Tap also offers a great Paid Promotion network where you can reinvest your earnings to buy traffic on a CPC or, in some cases, CPI basis to grow your app’s user base.

If you’re interested in seeing our network in action. Take a look at Corona Developer, MonkeyBin Studios’ game MindFeud. They actually built their own plugin using Corona Enterprise several months ago and have been rocking on Tap for Tap ever since.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing about your apps and helping you build your app business!

Tap for Tap

  • Chevol
    Posted at 12:46h, 23 May

    Is Tap for Tap COPPA compliant?

  • Eric
    Posted at 12:59h, 23 May

    Hi Chevol

    We are not Coppa compliant at this time, but are looking into it. We flag any app with mature content and you can disallow mature content from appearing in your app.

  • Christopher
    Posted at 19:42h, 23 May

    I tried Tap For Tap a while ago by buying credits (250,000) for a new app I launched. For the week I ran the campaign, not a single sale was made and was around $250 worth of credits.

    Later I was contacted by another representative that was extremely rude when he found out I didn’t want to run around another campaign because I wasn’t happy with the first one. They removed all history on the account and wanted to go ahead and delete my account without my permission.

    • Renato - RBG
      Posted at 16:51h, 26 May

      Wow. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Eric
    Posted at 09:46h, 27 May

    Hi Christopher

    It sounds like you used our service during it’s first incarnation, which means you bought credits for views. We’ve evolved a great deal since this time. I’m very sorry you had a bad experience, but I can assure you that we don’t delete accounts under any circumstances. Please direct message me (eric at Tap for Tap) so we can discuss what happened here and we can make it right.

  • Christopher
    Posted at 18:22h, 27 May

    Yes I see that, if you have no plans to continue with our service I would like to delete your account.

    Taylor Reynolds

  • Eric
    Posted at 15:41h, 28 May

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, Christopher. I took a look into the situation and saw the string of communications of communications you had with Taylor. Your account was never deleted, however it was possible that it was suspended for a period of time due to inactivity. It I wish to reiterate that we have evolved the service quite a lot since you tested us. The results of your impression purchase were not good. I see that. Generally I would say that Tap for Tap works best with free apps as paid apps are much harder to promote by banners.

    • Christopher
      Posted at 18:35h, 28 May

      I understand it was a more difficult market, paid and children’s. But 250,000 is a ton of impressions to not see a single sale. I consistently get sales sales now, so I know it sells. What has changed to improve the network?

      • Eric
        Posted at 17:17h, 30 May

        First, we switched from an impression exchange to a Tap Exchange, so impressions are no longer the currency. Making taps the currency has given us greater insight into what makes people engage with ads, so we’re better able to match content. We’ve also grown a great deal and have more apps of all kinds. This allows us to create better matches in general also. To be transparent Paid kids’ apps are definitely not our sweet spot, but there are more apps now on the network that might have an audience interested in your apps.