Guest Piece: A Re-Introduction to Inneractive as a Premium Mobile SSP

Guest Piece: A Re-Introduction to Inneractive as a Premium Mobile SSP

Offer Yehudai is President and Co-Founder of Inneractive. Offer drives the product vision of Inneractive’s supply side platform and is responsible for the company’s relationships with developers and publishers. Offer has a deep background in mobile, internet and media and manages business development, product development and global scale projects.

Inneractive is one of Corona Labs’ first Corona Plugin partners, which are available to all Corona SDK developers. For more information, please see Inneractive’s plugin documentation.

Offer YehudaiInneractive has been providing Corona SDK developers with a monetization solution for quite a while now. Corona Labs and Inneractive have been partners for a few years with the common goal of enhancing the development and monetization of mobile developers across the globe. We wanted to say hello and tell you a little about what we have been up to at Inneractive as of late.

Here’s our goal: we want to take the fragmented world of mobile app monetization and unify it under one simple and effective umbrella – a mobile supply side platform (SSP). There’s no longer a need to integrate multiple ad networks and track/analyze the results from each. With one SSP, all the major ad networks are unified under one dashboard. Of course, within your dashboard, you have full transparency to see which demand partner is performing best, and have the option to adjust accordingly.

What that means for mobile developers is that no in-app inventory goes to waste – it’s all populated with both the highest quality and highest paying verticals. With the Inneractive SSP, you set your floor price so you never “sell” for too little, (but make sure not to set it too high!).

The Inneractive Mobile SSP offers developers what’s known as a “daisy chain” in the online advertising world. This means that developers can benefit from the ability to directly sale their inventory both by individual impression or in bulk to the highest bidder using a ‘Real Time Bidding’ mechanism.

In addition to all this, with the Inneractive SSP, if you see traffic coming from a specific location, let’s say China for example, the SSP will automatically find the best network in China to reach that audience. It will take no effort on your part.

Inneractive also offers large developer communities, such as that of Corona Labs’, a branded and standalone private ad exchange.

Lastly, Inneractive offers a truly global and cross-platform solution with many verticals of monetization including display, rich media, hyper local targeting, video campaigns, and more. Gone are the days in which the app is targeted; with Inneractive’s technology, the ad targets the user, which means more relevant ads and ultimately better engagement.

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline and are excited to bring them to the fantastic Corona community.

  • Guilherme Lane
    Posted at 05:59h, 22 July


    I am really upset that you guys advertises Inneractive as a serious company but it is not. I haven’t receive any payment on time (we use inneractive for more than 1 year) as it is written in their website. I always have to beg them to pay us and it is ridiculous because it is their obligation.

    There is a payment that I am waiting for more than 3 months and nothing happens. After some emails they said that they didn’t receive from their partners. They didn’receive any payment for 3 months? How can a company can operate without receiving for 3 months? You guys should be more serious

    • David Rangel
      Posted at 08:00h, 22 July

      Guilherme – please email me (david@coronalabs) and I can look into this for you. Thanks.

  • Calvin Cox
    Posted at 07:38h, 30 July

    Hi. I havent a received payment as well, non payment since payment month of jan 2013 its now the end of july 2013. They are constantly giving me the runaround.They claim payment will be sent the next payment cycle then still no payment is sent. I cant understand how Corona Labs can incorporate this ad solution into their SDK.

    • David Rangel
      Posted at 22:10h, 30 July

      Calvin – I received your email and will ask our contacts at inneractive about your case.

  • Jhon
    Posted at 15:45h, 07 September

    Its more then 5 months I am waiting for my first payment from inneractive. I have contacted with your support team you are just saying you didn’t received payments from your partners!

    I wonder how it possible ? I am really concern about your payment system 🙁

  • Maciej Targoni
    Posted at 23:38h, 21 October

    Same here, no payment for more than four months. Own me over 2k $. Didn’t answer emails for two weeks now.