Time for a quick update on your favorite mobile app development platform.

Last week, Apple announced iOS7 Beta at WWDC. A lot of cool stuff was shown. The interesting thing is that a lot of the “flat” UI that was demonstrated was exactly the kind of thing we saw some of you already creating using Corona’s graphics system.

Corona iOS 7 Beta device build

For example, this app was in the works before iOS 7 was even announced!

Apple’s NDA prevents me from talking too much about iOS7, but what I can say is that we will fully support iOS7. In fact, last week, starting in daily build 1141, you can try your app out on iOS 7 Beta. On the right, you just select “7.0 beta” from the iOS device build dialog in the Corona Simulator, and presto, you’ve got an app built against the iOS 7 Beta SDK that you can test on your own device.

I really recommend you do try out your apps on iOS 7. If the past is any indication, we expect iOS 7 to introduce regression bugs that affect all iOS developers, not just Corona developers. The sooner you know about them, the less you’ll be surprised when iOS 7 is finally released!

Corona SDK supports Facebook Connect
(Our lawyers will bug me about this, so let me just remind you that if you are using iOS 7 Beta, you must honor Apple’s developer membership rules.)

We also have upgraded Corona’s Facebook support on Android, so it’s on par with iOS. Now, you can run Facebook’s Scrumptious sample on Android just like you can on iOS.

We’re also working on adding Facebook monetization features like Mobile App Install Ads that can help drive more installations of your app and increase discovery, all things that will help you make more money with your app! This should be coming in a daily build later this week.

There were a bunch of other interesting checkins that you’ll notice in the daily build notes related to gaming, but the one I want to highlight is related to business apps or any app that’s dealing with lots of text.

In the next daily build, we are going to be giving more text alignment capabilities. You’ll be able to set left, center, right alignment on multiline text objects, the ones created by ‘display.newText()’. There will be more docs forthcoming on our daily build API docs. I’ll update here when they’re ready.

UPDATE: The reference for the text alignment is here.

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  1. Great to hear from you Walter. Thanks for the continued efforts to improve an already amazing tool. Now please tell us in another post what you intend to do to get Corona Cloud really buzzing! We need to hear it from you. Thanks!!!

    • options.align (optional)
      (((((Number.)))) This specifies the alignment of the text when a width parameter is supplied. By default this value is “left”. Valid values are: “left”, “center”, and “right”.

      the type should be string

  2. Hey Walter, Now that IOS 7 appears to be supporting more the text applications, when will we be able to send documents to a printer thru a Corona app?

  3. @CoronaLabs – Will there be an blog announcement when Corona is “ready/tested” for IOS7? When is this likely to be? (i.e. being time poor but getting closer to release my little app I’d appreciate knowing when best to start building/testing on IOS7 – perhaps I should be testing now, but my question is more around when CoronaLab’s will give their thumbs up to being able to build an IOS7 release and upload to the app store. Wondering if this is like: now?, shortly before release?, after the IOS 7 release itself?)

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