Guest piece: CrossInstall’s ad platform now available as a Corona Plugin

Guest piece: CrossInstall’s ad platform now available as a Corona Plugin

Jeff Marshall, Founder of CrossInstall, has a long background in game development, ad networks, and app monetization platforms. He has built several ad network companies, most recently CrossInstall. Jeff also has 15+ years of experience building games on consoles, social networks and mobile platforms. Jeff is also a Corona SDK veteran, and has released several games for iOS and Android with the platform.

CrossInstall, an ad network that focuses on driving quality traffic for advertising partners and delivering top payments to publishing partners, is our newest Corona Plugin partner. For more information, please see the CrossInstall documentation.

jeff and jake (2)As game developers, we are always in search of the holy grail of ad networks that kills it on revenue. CrossInstall is an ad network built by Corona app developers that started out with a super simple premise: an image URL and a click URL. That’s it. None of the bloat of your regular advertising SDKs that ping their servers every time a user launches your app and sends who knows what data. We wanted all the flexibility that comes with letting you code the ads however you like.

Our native iOS and Android SDKs provide that same simplicity, and now we are even more excited to live directly in Corona’s fantastic Plugin framework, to make ad serving as easy as possible for the Corona community. Revenue is king when it comes to ads and we hope that CrossInstall is the best option for you.

How do you maximize your ad network revenue? Keep your ad networks honest by serving ads from multiple providers and re-balancing their impression distribution regularly as performance shifts. Let us have the lion’s share of your impressions if we are winning; keep us on a small slice on the back-burner if we aren’t. That’s the way you should juggle ad networks – play them off each other and keep a close eye on everyone’s performance so you can move your traffic around to maximize revenue.

We also aim to provide you with a high level of service: on our technology and on the human support side. We’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline that will provide all the tools you want from a monetization partner, and we plan to improve each week. We offer a live status dashboard so you can see what is going on with our network, live hourly-level charts for you to monitor your performance and your traffic, alerts galore and limitless reporting.

For information on integrating CrossInstall and to download the sample app, visit CrossInstall’s documentation page. Next, sign up here and fetch your revenue data via our API. If you’d like to get in touch, please email us at We look forward to working with you!

  • Damir
    Posted at 01:27h, 23 August

    Great to see more and more monetization options.
    Will give it a try soon.