Ouya corona sdkToday, we are announcing our latest Public Release, 2013.1202. It’s immediately available for download for your app development pleasure!

There are a lots of improvements in the release notes, so I’ll just highlight a few.

First, we’ve added Ouya, GameStick, and NVIDIA Shield support. This includes support for game controllers and joysticks on those devices. We’ve also added general support for HID-based devices on Android, so you can connect your keyboard, mouse, and touchpad. If you have a MOGA Pro or a Sony PS3 controller, those are HID-based and work as well!

While we’re on the gaming theme, we’ve added real-time multiplayer support via Google Play game services on Android. And we’ve added turn-based multiplayer support via Game Center on iOS. We’ve also partnered with Photon Cloud for real-time multiplayer support across iOS and Android.

For more business-oriented apps, we’ve added several features like left/center/right alignment to ‘display.newText’. We’ve also started to offer support for the iOS SocialKit framework. This is done via a plugin to the ‘native.showPopup’ API that lets you post on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo. We added Address Book popup as an iOS plugin as well.

On the monetization and services side, our roster of 3rd party plugins continues to grow (full list):

corona amplitude analytics

* Google Game Play Services
* Vungle
* CrossInstall
* AppRever
* Pinsight Media+

Finally, the last thing I’ll highlight is we are upgrading our old analytics (a.k.a. LaunchPad) to Amplitude. If you’ve ever played with other analytics services, one thing you know is that you can often wait a day or longer before you see data. As things scale up, you might experience a few hours delay, but Amplitude’s goal is to give you near real-time data!

As part of this upgrade, we’ve also cleaned up the web dashboard. We think it’s a lot more usable and the information is presented in a manner that will help you understand your customers a lot better. During the transition, the old dashboard will not display your data properly.

In terms of timing, the entire transition is happening right now, and we hope to have it completed by the end of September. The great thing is, you won’t have to do a thing to take advantage of the basic service — it’s free!


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  1. Is “launchPad = false” still applicable with the new analytics system or will there be another way to disable analytics?

    Thank you to Coronal Labs for all the updates!


    • Yes, “launchPad = false” is still the way to control analytics in the new system. Existing apps already out in the wild will also report data via the new system (assuming they haven’t turned analytics off, of course).

  2. Hey I want to flag how important it will be for developers to update their apps to the new Flurry 4.2.3 plug-in:


    And I quote:
    Version 4.2.3 provides support for changes made to iOS 7. It is critical that all Flurry customers upgrade to this version of our SDK to avoid compromising your user data in the move to iOS 7.

    What happens if I don’t update my SDK?

    Apps not using Flurry SDK version 4.2.3 may experience irrevocable data integrity issues.
    Apps on SDKs older than 4.1.* will definitely experience data problems. This is because with iOS7, the IDs leveraged by older SDKs provide invalid information for those ids. See “What kind of data problems will occur if I don’t update or wait to update until after iOS7 is launched?” for details

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