Guest Piece: Announcing Corona Professional Services for Businesses

Guest Piece: Announcing Corona Professional Services for Businesses

Dev Gandhi is the CEO of ReliableCoders. Prior to starting ReliableCoders, Dev was a founding member of Nexage, one of the world’s leading mobile ad networks. Moving on to create something new, Dev aimed to change the way development was executed during the technology boom of this decade.

Today, Dev writes on the launch of Corona Professional Services (CPS), a new partnership between Corona Labs and ReliableCoders. Through this partnership, businesses can take advantage of our mobile development expertise via consulting services, premium support, and customized training.

ReliableCodersAs human beings, it’s natural for us to want to continually improve ourselves. We want to evolve to become stronger and more effective in what we do every day. As business owners, service providers, and app developers, this especially rings true during this era of fast technological advances.
Here at ReliableCoders, we specialize in helping people become more effective, whether we are showing someone how to build better solutions or doing the development for them.

Our evolution has brought us here to partner with Corona Labs to bring you Corona Professional Services (CPS). Through our partnership, we aim to assist companies and create the best possible mobile content to solve business challenges. With the launch of CPS, we’re offering a free App Benchmark Study for clients who already have a live mobile app, or a Project Analysis Consultation for those with an app in development. Click here for more details.

ReliableCoders is a premium mobile design and development studio based in Silicon Valley, just a stone’s throw from our friends at Corona Labs. We deliver a seamless and compelling user experience for all client projects. We understand that for businesses, the fine details lie in the backend architecture, while for end-users, it’s all about experience.

CPS offers consulting in the following areas:

  • Competitive Market Landscape Study: Conduct an analysis of your app within its competitive environment before you start development.
  • Feasibility Study: Evaluate the potential success of your app, website, or business venture before you begin working on execution.
  • Security Audit: Evaluate your software’s information system, measuring how well it conforms to modern security standards.
  • Compliance Study: Analyze your app’s adherence to industry standards by checking its compliance in key areas.
  • Usability Study: Ensure that the final details are just right with a user experience analysis.
  • Social Media Integration: Identify and execute social network integrations within an app, whether for internal or consumer-facing interactions.
  • Cross-Platform Application Development: Analyze workflow processes and requirements for cross-platform app development for a specific project.
  • Enterprise Data Integration: Identify of how to best integrate rich data from platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle.

Merging our development experience with the rich software capabilities of Corona SDK and Corona Enterprise, we’re proud to present the best and brightest consultants and developers at your disposal. Our team has worked with brands including Verizon, Microsoft, Korn/Ferry and VMware and have developed apps for clients in verticals including, but not limited to health, education, human resources, finance, hardware integrations, and mobile gaming.

For more information, please head to the Corona Professional Services page. We look forward to working with you!

  • Brian Berg
    Posted at 10:54h, 19 November

    I’m confused by this. My company develops business apps using Corona. Are we now in direct competition with Corona Labs to whom we pay an annual fee to use their software platform?

    • David
      Posted at 12:30h, 19 November

      Hi Brian,

      We are absolutely not in competition – unless you believe there are only a handful of projects out there for making business apps. Of course, we think there is a revenue opportunity, but one of our main goal in doing this (as Corona Labs) is to actually get an even better understanding of the needs of business app developers. That will get built into the platform and benefit everyone. The chances that Corona Professional Services will compete with you (assuming you also do business app consulting) are vanishingly small.

      Also, our partnership with ReliableCoders is only meant to address certain types of projects. Any other projects that come our way or that we hear about will still be open game for any Corona developer (and we have certain channels in place to try to surface those).

      Feel free to email directly if you have any questions or concerns (david@coronalabs).


      • Brian Berg
        Posted at 15:02h, 19 November

        Thanks for the prompt reply David. I agree there is plenty of opportunity for all, and realize it’s a little like claiming that Apple is competing with it’s own developers because they have Garage Band, Keynote, etc etc. I truly hope that the SDK improves for business app development as a result of the partnership.

  • Thomas Vanden Abeele
    Posted at 11:32h, 19 November

    I’ve been confused all week by the Corona blog, to be honest:
    – first a post that is supposedly about a game app, but reads more like an ad for the movie “Free Birds”.
    – three days later another post about the same game, that still doesn’t show the game but instead shows a clip from the movie.
    – and then, as you say, one developer that is singled out as a partner for Coronalabs, while being a direct competitor for some of us.

    Could I have two posts about my game reviews and free advertising for my company next week? Thanks, that’s great!

    • David
      Posted at 12:32h, 19 November

      Hi Thomas, sorry you haven’t liked the recent blog posts. We thought the Free Birds story, and how they developed the game, was worth telling to people. I think it’s cool to see how that was developed and that Corona was involved.

      In terms of competition, take a look at my answer to Brian above. I see very little potential for competition.

      • Thomas
        Posted at 02:29h, 20 November

        Hi David, don’t be sorry: I still love Corona! Yes, the post was sort of cool. It’s nice to see that big and professional projects use Corona. But two posts in three days is overexposure for me. And regarding ReliableCoders, I stand by my opinion, and am actively wondering if you guys would do the same for game development in the future…

        Thanks for taking the time to respond, David – one of the things I really like about Coronalabs.

  • Christian Mueller
    Posted at 04:12h, 23 November

    i am not sure what to think about right now.
    if it helps so we get more features that are interesting for Business App Developers.. than ok.

    Means REAL Notifications like on Android, where a part of that notification CODE is running in the background and creates Notifications on the fly. In my Case I would need each day a Notification based on my database.. but to create 300 for the future, needs long time and somehow is not so cool as the original Android Notification that can check my database, create ONE Notification for the Future.. when that notification happens it triggers another database check… and does a new Notification.

    Ah best Example… a LOCATION Based NOtication… when the app in the background realize Im at a specific location it gives a Notification.. how would that be realized??

    Will something like that come or not?