As many of you are probably aware, Apple has announced they are requiring app submissions to be optimized for iOS7 starting on Feb 1.

If you are using our Graphics 2.0 builds (by either migrating, or by using the compatibility mode), then you’re already good to go. Graphics 2.0 builds have supported iOS7 since Day 1.

If you are still on Graphics 1.0, you will have issues with Apple’s submission process. You have several options:

  1. Upgrade your project to Graphics 2.0 and use 1.0 compatibility mode (i.e. adding one line in config.lua). This has been used very successfully by many apps, including highly complex ones.
  2. Upgrade your project to Graphics 2.0 by migrating your code. This allows you to take full advantage of the great graphics capabilities of Corona.
  3. Use a Graphics 1.0 daily build that explicitly supports iOS 7.


Now, we recognize that daily builds are only available to Pro (and above) subscribers. We thought about what we can do to help you around this issue, so here’s what we are going to do:

  • We are making build 2014.1262 available to all Corona developers (Mac) (Win).
  • This build is based on Graphics 1.0 and supports iOS7, so you can use it to build your apps and submit to the app store.
  • This is not a public release. It is a daily build that fixes the following issues present in 2013.1260:
    • The Facebook listener won’t receive an event when the user denies the login request.
    • Requesting additional Facebook permissions returns the incorrect event state.
    • scrollView event.phase not being passed to the listener.

If there are other issues in 1262 that affect your app and you are not able to use it, we are very sorry. We want to shield you from disruptions like this, but that is not always completely possible. In this case, Apple has decided to enact a big restriction to keep pace with the mobile industry. And following Apple’s lead, we have to keep moving forward, and that means focusing 100% on our Graphics 2.0 builds.


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    • Scott – most likely we will only support Graphics 2.0 straight up for Windows (no compatibility mode), but a final decision has not yet been made.

  1. You use the term “Upgrade to Graphics 2.0” — but what does that really mean? How does one upgrade? By buying the Pro version of the SDK, or do you mean something else?


    PS – I’m a Pro user, of course, but I work with a lot of free users and this confuses me. :)

    • Jay – we just mean use Graphics 2.0. The current public release (#2100) is a Graphics 2.0 build and it’s available to Starters. Now, there are specific features of Graphics 2.0 that are only available to Pros (and up). But the whole engine (for everyone) is now Graphics 2.0. Make sense?

  2. I have just submitted an app update using 1260 (i am using a Pro user) I can live with the issues listed above (Facebook) but I am wondering if Apple will reject my app if I used 1260? The game run fine with all my ios 7 devices so I am assuming it is ok. Are you just warning people who only have the last public build?

    Thanks for letting me know so I can reject the app if need before Feb 1st.


  3. Thanks so much Walter. I appreciate it! I feel much better now that i know that apps made with 1260 are IOS 7 compatible!

    THANKS for taking the time.


  4. I knew this would be coming from Apple but was hoping not yet. My mac won’t run the latest xCode so I can’t submit after 1st Feb :-( Luckily my Apple Developer program runs out on the 11th so no money wasted.

    I am going to carry on though and give the Android marketplace a go.


  5. Hi Walter – does this have implications for iOS 5/6 support post Feb 1? Will my submissions >= build 1262 still be capable of running on pre-iOS7 operating systems?


      • Thanks Walter.

        iPad 1 is still 5.1.1 maximum and moving to a minimum of 6 would not allow us to support it anymore. Still LOTS of apps offering iPad1 support, including some of the biggest games (like Clash of Clans) – would be a shame for Corona to kill our ability to reach this market.


        • Thanks Walter.

          Agree with Nathan. Would hate to lose 5.1.1 support just yet. Looked at our Flurry stats on a game with 180k users and devices with 5.1.1 compose 4.7% of users (about one in twenty). Every extra user helps — as we all know.


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