WindowsEver since our announcement late last year, we’ve been working very hard on porting Corona to Windows Phone 8. We are now getting closer, and I’m excited to announce that we will be showcasing Corona SDK and a few apps at GDC with Microsoft!

Developers that go to Microsoft’s booth will be able to use Corona SDK and see how easy it is to build amazing things in just a few lines of code. In addition, we’ll have a few selected Corona apps, actually running on Windows Phone 8 devices, to showcase.

In fact, we *might* still have room for a couple more apps for GDC. So, if you have an app/game that…

  • is built on our graphics 2.0 engine,
  • does *not* use the widgets library, accelerometer and other sensors,
  • is very cool :),

…email us at today. Note: for this GDC closed beta, we have to do the builds internally, so we will need your code (which of course we will not share with anyone). We are looking for some really great apps to highlight for this!

But enough about GDC – if you are interested in participating in the next step of the beta process, please fill out the form below. We will soon be looking for more Corona developers to help us test things out!


UPDATE (on Oct 22, 2014): we have removed the beta signup form from this post. We have now released v1 support for Windows Phone 8. For more info, please see this blog post.

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  1. Damn!!! You guys are really rolling out the major updates at breakneck speed! Very nice and cool to hear. Keep up the good work. It’s logical to think that at a certain point, apps will be universal (i.e. available on all platforms), and consumers will expect nothing less. We’re not there yet, but it’s good to be ahead of the curve!

  2. After working with the Corona Labs developer team while integrating the BETA of Google Play Game Services and later the BETA of Google IAB v3 into our game “Freeze!” I can only recommend taking part in this.

    I of course signed up at once, I ported “Freeze!” to Graphics 2.0 a while ago and it was painless, and I will make a full version of the game as long as the Microsoft Store is not supported for IAP.

    Can’t wait to get started,

  3. Ah, I was just about to sign-up for betatesting when I realised I use the ScrollView widget in *every* app :) I’d be happy to test my business/consumer apps on Windows Phone once you have added support for widgets (or at least the scroll view).

    Good luck!

  4. Any news on when this will be in beta with Graphics 2.0 support. Also any news on when store support is expected though, as store uses XAML for snap and about panes, live tiles etc. etc. perhaps it would make more sense to have tis as a corona cards plugin rather than as the standard corona package.

  5. I’m really looking forward to windows phone 8 and windows store support. Any news on when this will be available? It’s been 4 months since the last update!

  6. Will there ever be any news on this???
    Could you at LEAST tell us if you are still working on the WP8 version?

    It’s been FIVE months since the latest update on this topic, which is a LIFETIME in mobile development. I guess corona will release the WP8 version in a time when even the WP store is as overcrowded as AppStore and PlayStore are at the moment, making it totally useless for small developers.

    Please stop promising new features to acquire new customers if you cannot deliver in time.

    • The WP8 announcement was one of the things that made me sign up for a pro subscription and since then I’ve been waiting too.

      Funny thing is that I’ve recently emailed the support to ask about this and was simply ignored but then emailed again to inquire about upgrading my account and was answered in no time.

      I understand WP8 support must be complicated to integrate but we developers are the ones who make it possible for CoronaLabs to exist by putting money into your bank account every year and an update on this is the least you can you do.

      • Hi guys – we are definitely not ignoring you and we do try to answer all incoming emails.

        As for WP8 status, it is currently in closed beta and a couple of people have actually now published apps using Corona. There are still many features missing (which we are adding over time) but can also be done natively and hooked in via a native/Lua bridge.

        It is our goal to open it up much more broadly over the next few weeks. If you’ve filled out the form in this blog post (above), we will get to you.

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