Business of Apps: How to retain users

Business of Apps: How to retain users

Most businesses want to understand their “churn rate.” In simple terms, this is how many customers you acquire and then lose over time. For app developers, a high churn rate indicates that people are willing to try your app, but they typically don’t like it and uninstall it. A low churn rate means you’re building a lasting relationship with your customers and they are likely to continue using your app.

With the collected data from customers using GameAnalytics, data scientists did a massive study on player retention and came up with a checklist of 16 items you need to focus on to minimize your churn rate and keep users coming back.

Implementing analytics is easy and it’s something that all serious developers should do. To learn more about GameAnalytics and how to add it to your Corona-powered apps, please read their integration documentation.

Implement Game Analytics

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