Endless Sk8boarder – the latest template from Ponywolf

Endless Sk8boarder – the latest template from Ponywolf

baY5naMichael Wilson of Ponywolf has already created a couple of amazing starter projects that you can download, re-skin, and re-purpose for your own Corona projects: Match 3 Space RPG and Sticker Knight Platformer. Now he’s tackled another popular genre — the endless runner — and created an awesome template in Endless Sk8boarder.

Endless Sk8boarder is a skateboard-themed endless runner prototype featuring skateboarding physics, rails, pickups, procedurally-generated terrain, parallax backgrounds, Tiled import of UI screens, a score counter, and more. It’s not a complete game, but a starting point for learning modern game programming techniques using Corona and Lua.

You can download this project for free in the Corona Marketplace. Check it out and let Michael know what you think in the Corona Forums!

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