Corona Ambassador Accomplishments – September 2013

Without a doubt, Corona Labs has the best group of Ambassadors anyone could hope for! We’re extremely proud of our Ambassadors’ hard work in building a stronger, more fruitful Corona community around the globe.

We wanted to share just a few of the amazing things our Ambassadors have accomplished in the month of September.

Corona Labs and OUYA partner to create more opportunities for game developers on the big screen

From an action-packed arcade game to a turn-based RPG, some games look 10x more awesome on the big screen. To provide Corona developers with more distribution opportunities, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with OUYA an innovative game console that’s made headlines for their developer-friendly approach to gaming.

Introducing the Corona Hall of Fame

Those of you peeking around the site may have come across our new Corona Hall of Fame, a collection of some of the very best games and apps from the Corona community. The Hall of Fame includes everything from blockbuster games like Fun Run and Major Magnet to beautiful utility apps such as Climate Clock and Minu Timer.

Guest Piece: CoronaBlitz, A Semi-Regular Mini Coding Challenge

Andrew Potozniak, a hobbyist indie developer and creator of Hexzled, is planning a first of its kind coding challenge for Corona developers!

CoronaBlitz is a coding challenge where you are given a theme and 4 hours to complete a basic game. Yes, that’s right, 4 hours TOTAL to complete a game. The first Blitz runs August 16-25; learn more about the challenge in Andrew’s guest post.

Dilbert Game Jam: Announcing the Winner

In mid-May, we tasked Corona developers around the world to submit a Corona SDK sample game centered on Dilbert, the cartoon hero known for his satirical office humor.

From May to July the submissions poured in and the games we received all told a rich story of not only the power and diversity of Corona SDK, but more importantly, the talent and creativity of Corona’s community. Needless to say, the content shift in the gaming marketplace has already taken place, and you, the developer are a major part of this equation.

As of today, we have a winner!