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eBooks with Corona and our Growing Ecosystem

We had a great event last week, in San Francisco, that showcased 3 different ways of building eBooks with Corona. Our speakers David Gross, Ron Martinez of Aerbook and Alex Souza of Kwik, demonstrated their respective platforms and how they are using Corona SDK in unique ways, to help others create high quality, interactive eBooks.


Guest Post: Developing eBooks with Kwik 2

Greg Pugh is the owner of GP Animations, the company behind the Colin Turtle book series. His books, “The Perfect Pillow” and “Floating Fun” have sold thousands of copies worldwide for the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Recently, Greg was an alpha tester for Kwik 2, a Photoshop plugin that allows designers and illustrators to bring stories to life without a single line of code.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Kwik 2, Kwiksher is hosting an August promotion. If you’re working on an extraordinary story, want to be highlighted in the Kwik 2 PR launch, and are interested in an interview with Kwiksher and Corona Labs, enter the contest!


Guest Post: From film-making to app-making

Rares and Anamaria head up the Romanian-based New Mindflow studio. Much like your friendly neighborhood Carlos, they started out in the film-making world before heading over to app-making. Below, they elaborate on their story of being film makers-turn-coders using Corona …