Friday Night Forum: Adoption Rates for iOS 6 on the Rise

Within just a week of release, iOS 6 adoption rates are soaring. A combined total of 44.5% of iPads and iPhones have been upgraded, despite the disappointing reception of Apple’s home-brewed Map app. The ability to download iOS 6 wirelessly is one likely reason for the impressive rate of early adoption.

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Corona Guidelines: iPhone 5 and iOS6 (Preliminary)

The iPhone 5 is looking like it will be the fastest-selling gadget of all time. So let’s talk about what you need to do to prepare your Corona apps for the iPhone 5 and iOS6.

One of the biggies we’ll cover is what you’ll need to do to make your Corona app handle the new 16:9 aspect ratio, or what we’re calling “tall apps” (as opposed to the shorter “traditional apps” designed for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4).

Roberto Ierusalimschy Joins Corona Labs’ Advisory Board

Corona Labs Inc., the leader in cross-platform mobile app development, is proud to announce the appointment of Roberto Ierusalimschy to the company’s Board of Advisors. Ierusalimschy is the lead architect of Lua, the language used by developers of Corona Labs’ award-winning Corona SDK. A lightweight, yet powerful scripting language, Lua is the industry standard for gaming. Lua is used in a vast range of applications on mobile and desktop, including World of Warcraft, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Rovio’s Angry Birds, and is the leading language for developing interactive graphical games, eBooks and apps.

PapayaMobile and InMobi integrate into Corona SDK via cloud-based LaunchPad

Following the rise of cross-platform mobile development, there’s now a wave of inter-operability. The thinking behind such a trend isn’t complex: integrating your tools into already popular SDKs grows the entire development ecosystem and makes sure people are using your tech. Ansca Mobile, which is behind the cross-platform Corona SDK, is hoping such a strategy can be used to help expand its business beyond the 20 million downloads it’s already amassed, announcing a link up with both PapayaMobile and mobile ad network InMobi….

5 Ways to Make Your App Take Off

Corona is the world’s No. 1 mobile app development platform and many developers have found that by using it not only do their apps work better, but they get more downloads.