App of the Week: Filip Flisar Ski Cross

App of the Week: Filip Flisar Ski Cross

Ski Cross iconGrab your ski poles and smash down the mountain in a race for the finish line. Perfect for snow season, the action-packed Filip Flisar Ski Cross, will have you tackling the hills and racing against skilled opponents. The game features X Games’ ski cross silver medalist, Filip Flisar, and is available for players on both iOS and Android.

Ski Cross iconTo hit the slopes, start by selecting from one of five champion skiers, picking a course, and choosing a preferred level of difficulty. As you race down the mountain to punk rock music, hold down the “duck” button and tilt your player in a particular direction to secure a perfect landing. You can also pick up energy boosts along the way to reach maximum speed.

Experience this awesome cross-platform ski adventure on your device, available as a free download on iTunes or Google Play.

  • Mike
    Posted at 08:50h, 18 April

    Very helpful APPs! Thanks for this one!