CoronaViewer: Android Beta

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A few weeks ago, we introduced the beta of CoronaViewer for iOS. (If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the video in the original CoronaViewer post.)

Now, we are making a beta available for Android as well. Previously, you could preview your project on multiple devices for a single OS, e.g. iPhone and iPad. Now you’ll be able to preview your app across multiple OS’s and multiple devices — simultaneously!

To access CoronaViewer, you’ll need a Pro (or higher) subscription. Install daily build 2014.2347 (or after), and then follow the instructions in the CoronaViewer github repo.

If you’ve got feedback on this beta, let us know in the CoronaViewer forums.

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  1. David Grant says:

    Is there a way to get custom fonts to work? In my experience this text on device is actually worse then testing on the simulator in terms of how it will look when you actually build the app.

    • dchan says:

      Please try adding custom fonts to the apk build. Just adding it to the dropbox folder does not work.

  2. JCH_APPLE says:

    This is really great. I was sceptical wham the iOS only version arrived but the ability to test on different devices including Android one’s is really nice. It will save some precious hours, thanks and congrats !

  3. ojnab says:

    Nice. Does it work with ouya?

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