Corona SDK is now Free + Mac/Win Desktop Apps + GDC

gdc 2015
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This week, to coincide with GDC, we’re making some very exciting announcements!

Corona SDK is completely FREE

freeFirst, Corona SDK is now completely free! Starting today, anyone who registers on our site will get the full power of Corona SDK (existing users can just logout and then re-login to the Corona Simulator).

Previously, you had to pay to get access to things like daily builds, in-app purchases, premium graphics, Pro-tier plugins, Windows Phone 8, etc. — now, everyone will get those for free. If you’re familiar with the old subscription tiers for Corona SDK (Starter, Basic, and Pro), everyone will now get the functionality that was available in Pro. There is now a single “Corona SDK” — one tier to rule them all.

It is worth noting that Corona Enterprise, CoronaCards iOS, and CoronaCards Android will continue to be paid products.

If you’re an existing subscriber — Basic, Pro, or Enterprise — see Free Upgrades for Subscribers at the bottom of this post to learn about some great upgrades.

Mac App and Win32 App support

Mac+WinIn my State of Corona address, I mentioned new platforms as a major theme for 2015 and our strategy to make it happen.

And that brings us to our second major announcement: We are bringing Mac App and Win32 App support to the Corona platform!

Yes, you read that right.

We are going to make it incredibly easy for you to create apps that run everywhere — from desktop computers to mobile devices!

Currently, we are in the early stages. Our next milestone is to be able to package this up into a form that can be shared in a beta. More on this soon.

But we have some demos: come by the Fuse Powered/Corona Labs booth at the GDC Expo (Booth 1244, South Hall) this week if you’d like to see a few really great Corona apps running on desktop computers — as apps! We’ll also publish some videos of these here on the blog very soon.

Fuse Powered monetization

treasure-chestFinally, our parent company, Fuse Powered, is taking monetization to a whole new level with a its player-centric monetization engine. See some recent coverage in VentureBeat.

With this engine, you’ll be able to do 3 things. First, you’ll be able to analyze your players, and make meaningful conclusions from their in-game behavior. Next, you’ll be able to segment them based on these behaviors and figure out the most relevant offer to show them. Finally, you’ll be able to deliver targeted IAP offers, dynamic rewarded video, and ads.

On top of it all, you’ll also be able to mediate your own ad networks and leverage AdRally, Fuse’s competitive ad marketplace.

There’s nothing on the market like this today, and it all translates into helping you make significantly more money!

While select Corona developers are already in private beta with Fuse Powered, we are working hard to nail down all the moving parts — there are a lot of them. Rest assured, we want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to learn more, come to Jon’s session at GDC on Tuesday, Mar 3: Player Centric Live Ops Monetization.

Or come by the Fuse Powered/Corona Labs booth at the GDC Expo (Booth 1244, South Hall).

Free Upgrades for Subscribers

Now that Corona is free, we do realize there are many of you that have bought/renewed your Corona subscriptions recently and we want to make sure we take care of you. If you were an existing Basic, Pro, or Enterprise customer as of this morning, we’re going to give you some amazing, free upgrades:

  1. Current Corona Enterprise customers get CoronaCards iOS and CoronaCards Android licenses (1 month for each month you have left).
  2. Current Corona SDK Pro customers have been upgraded to Corona Enterprise (1.5 months for each month you have left) and will also get CoronaCards iOS/Android.
  3. Current Basic customers have been upgraded to Corona Enterprise (1 month for each month you have left) and will also get CoronaCards iOS/Android.

All these upgrades should be in place NOW, but it’s possible some of you may have to wait a day or so to see the full upgrade.

However, if you’re a Basic or Pro customer who bought in 2015 (Jan 1, 2015 or after), and you do not want these upgrades, you can request a pro-rated refund. Email us at by Mar 15, 2015 11:59pm PST. If you meet the conditions, we will issue a refund within a few days.

If you have any questions, please review the FAQs. If you still have questions or want to discuss, feel free to post in this thread in the forum and we will do our best to make it all clear!

We are super excited about making Corona SDK free and opening it up to an even bigger worldwide developer community. This, together with our expanded platform coverage and the work we are doing with Fuse Powered is making for the start of a great year!

And, as always, we want to thank all our developers for using Corona and for making some amazing things with the Corona platform!

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  1. Cleverson says:

    That’s a huge move. Congrats!

    • Wael Abed Elal says:

      Oh my god, the happiest thing I will ever read this year!! 🙂
      Thank you so much for this huge awesome step! I was just thinking about how my Pro Subscription will end on May, questioning how I’m gonna get the money required to keep on my license!! This is amazing to hear! I’m so happy, thank you. 🙂

  2. Doug Davies says:

    Great news! It would be nice if you’d give all subscribers the chance to be pro-rated on their current package. I really don’t want Enterprise and I have 4 months left on my Pro package. I’d rather just get the refund since I run a tight business.

    • omarbaz says:

      Does this means that I can use Corona SDK for commercial use? (On Android, IOS, And Windows)

  3. Christian Mueller says:

    finally something going forward 🙂 Congratulation
    also the Enterprise could be lowered in Price now…
    as long its still not possible to have 3rd party Plugins.
    For example I like to include AppLovin and would still have to purchase only
    for that the Enterprise Version 🙁

    Also… hopefully that will come !!!

    About MAC Apps… VERY Excited.. I hope u do it without CoronaCards, just compiling like for iPhone/Android.. as Unity does… that would be a big leap forward !


  4. Sat says:

    WOW! This is fantastic, Corona for the win!

  5. Ingemar says:

    If Pro subscribers get 1.5 months * each month left worth of Enterprise, shouldn’t existing Enterprise customers get the same deal?

    • Christian urquhart says:

      I totally agree what use is corona cards to an enterprise user, I would not use them and I’m not going to renew corona cards when they expire. I only upgraded to enterprise from pro 6 weeks ago, if I’d have stayed a pro user I would have saved $360 and have a subscription to enterprise for 50% longer, I feel hard done by on this deal as do probably other enterprise users.

  6. Sudipta Kar says:

    After reading the news, I looked on my calendar and it was very hard to believe that today isn’t 1st April.

    A big move FusionPower. Hope that more developer will be engaged with Corona SDK and it will be a giant very soon.

    Waiting for new features. 🙂

  7. Lerg says:

    I can’t believe it. You are so awesome, I love you, guys!
    Now Corona is the Ultimate platform for 2D game dev.

  8. Rob Allison says:

    This is amazing. Bravo corona!!

  9. Ingemar says:

    Ha! It looks like this Free thing is a trend now.
    Epic Games just announced that their Unreal Engine 4 has also become free!

    • David says:

      Copycats… 😉

  10. I love you guys. I can now add an awesome feature to my game that I previously couldn’t, due to not being enterprise.

    Well Done.

  11. Pablo Isidro says:

    EPIC!! Thank you so much!

  12. Mike Jarrell says:

    That right there is enough to make me come back… These are two things I’ve been waiting for for years, since I released my first Corona SDK game in 2012.

  13. Lessmsios says:

    Nice. Is there a simple guide on migrating from Pro to Enterprise on Mac OS?

  14. egruttner says:

    A M A Z I N G ! ! !
    Thank you very much!

  15. Theo Rushin Jr says:

    This is a game changer for the development community and users. Fuse Powered just opened the gates and toppled the wall for many more mobile app developers to get into the game (game – lol – see what I did there). Users will now have many more Corona SDK powered apps to choose from. Competition is good!

    The Corona SDK community has been waiting for the ability to deploy onto Mac/Win desktops and laptops for quite some time. I’m am so elated that it will soon become a reality.

    I lOVE this news! My students will LOVE this news! THANK YOU!

  16. san says:

    Very good decision ..this will attract more developers..cngrtz

  17. needfx says:

    Wow ! This is really HUGE news ! Good job Corona 🙂

  18. Tim says:

    Awesome news!

  19. Steve says:

    Is Corona Cards Html5 still happening?

    and THANKYOU

    • Walter says:

      Yes, HTML5 is on our list, but as you can probably imagine, we’ll be busy with Mac and Win32 app support first.

      • Steve says:



  20. Mike Kelly says:

    you never cease to amaze!

  21. John says:

    Wow! That’s incredible news!
    Looking forward to Windows and Mac builds.

  22. Jack says:

    Cool! Can you explain why its free now? 😀

  23. Bisquet says:

    Awesome news ! you have done me the happiest person in the world ! 🙂

  24. Space Wolf says:

    This is the best announcement yet! I’m happy to see that Corona is moving forward on to more platforms! I am also very excited to receive all the additional functionality!

    • Jorge Caessa says:

      AMAZING! You are clearly exceeding expectations!! This is what makes great companies! Congratulations and many thanks.

  25. Wow! Great news for indie devs. Mac & Win32 support is going to be huge too. I’m looking forward to seeing some great Corona apps on Steam.

  26. Patrice says:

    Great news.
    And why not finish the HTML5 export before announcing Windows and Mac support?????????

  27. Ryan Robinson says:

    Great News! But, makes me wonder how they are able to do this. Will there be any forced features because of the free software. i.e. Corona splash screens, in app ads, have to use certain features, etc. If nothing will change with Corona SDK Pro then fantastic, but I have to be a little skeptical about this drastic pricing change.

    • Same thoughts here. How will Corona monetize if I want to create and ad-free game that respects users’ privacy?

  28. Congratulations! These are all important moves for the long-term success of Corona. Improved monetization opportunities for us developers will be super important for our futures. Very exciting.

  29. Delivery to desktop combined with the power of the Corona SDK is a seriously game changing deal! This will have immediately impact on our engineering plans and in at least one case ensure that we use Corona instead of another platform. Congratulations! Thanks for making being an Ambassador that much more exciting.

  30. WOW. I am completely shocked, in the best way possible, about the Mac/PC desktop app news. THANK YOU Corona for listening to your community! I can’t wait to bring Doggins to Mac and Windows. See you guys at GDC!

  31. André says:

    Thats fantastic news, thank you very much for this!

  32. Benny says:

    Fantastic! I love you aaaall!

  33. I am not surprised, you have to go the “free” road, it’s what “everyone” else does, so good job on acknowledging where the industry moves to.

    If you are serious about making Corona SDK an SDK competent and competitive when it comes to business app development, you need to have better EDITOR/MAKER tool, like drag and drop lists, bind it to a data source, and so on. Unless you want to profile yourselves as 2D game making software. There is so much user base to be gained by making better tools, I am sure I am not the only one to get this. Look at the most popular dev tools and you’ll see a lot of drag and drop development.

    About supporting other plattforms, sounds good but I am not so optimistic (yet) as this will bring more problems. Corona really needs better tools most of all.

    Where is the ASSET Store, where the WHEEL does not have to be reinvented? There is a bunch of great coders out there, who have done great libs and solutions to bunch of problems. Let’s utilize the good solutions.


    • Nick golden says:

      Exactly why I went to unity. I left corona in July 2014 and I was paid until April 2015. Lack of visual workflow compared to unity just annoyed me. I don’t need to write my own cam, or player controller or whatever. Asset store has it.

      It’s that type of community pull that’s missing. I hate monkey work and that’s what it felt like. Will I come back? Most likely not. I’m fully in unity pro and cannot see that. At gdc I’m talking with other corona devs that are jumping too. It’s a trend I see a lot of. These are enterprise customers, and I think this carries some weight. Just saying. I have no skin in this game other than I think some catch up has to happen and quick to stay relevant.

      – nick

      • Nick, too bad you changed but I think Corona is still great. It has the potential to be a leader in 2D for game/app development if few more things went the way it should. I am sure people working with it would like to make it so.

        Unity and UDK and others will get occasionally wind under their wings but that comes and goes, as they try to grab market shares. What also could be great for corona is to have a few hit games released (made with corona). The community is almost not there. Look at the godot IRC channel (godot has not existed very long mind you) and the corona channel. If corona has few hundreds thousands users, godot must have million then. I know it’s silly to compare things this way but maybe we should face reality and really get some numbers, just out of curiosity. I don’t care if 1 million people use corona or it’s just me (for me personally anyway). I will keep using it if it is good and relevant. It still is.


    • Marin says:

      Berhan, I agree with you completely!
      I want to be able to drag ‘n’ drop widgets, images, etc. and then use them in my code. I really hate ‘monkey work’ and it is driving me insane. This move to free is a move in right direction, they can sell plugins and make money of 3rd party plugins. But that requires assets store like unity has one.

      For me, Unity is still pretty expensive for iOS and Android. If it weren’t so, I would have switched as well, even tough I really love Corona and the community here. Visual tools make life so much easier 🙁

    • Lerg says:

      The “Visual” appeal of Unity is utterly hated by many developers, because it’s like a stump on a road.
      I love clean and simple approach of Corona, only this way I can create what I want and not what they think I want.

      For those who need visual tools, Corona is making Composer and there are tools like LevelHelper and others.

      If you don’t like it – go and use Unity or Construct. But don’t extrapolate your opinion on the entire Corona community. Many of us don’t need such tools and we love Corona as it is now.

      • egruttner says:

        I completely agree with you Lerg, well said!!!

  34. Honey Silvas says:

    This is great news! I can’t wait to try out the new stuff!

  35. dmc says:

    wow, fantastic news !

  36. Eduardo says:

    I’m going back to Corona thanks to this news. Thank you very much!

  37. dark-play3r says:

    Corona SDK is completely FREE – awesome news!
    Mac App and Win32 App support – great news!!!

    Thank you!!! You are the best!!!

    I develop my own projects in Corona SDK and i’m working in small studio, where i should use Unity3d for creating 2D game. And i want to say, that unity is CRAP! And their asset store is SHIT! And all their bugs! I think they should close 2d part, because nothing can compare with Corona SDK in developing 2D game and apps!
    I love Corona SDK!!!

  38. John Nagle says:

    Ok, so what’s the business model here? Are you planning to subsist solely on Enterprise revenue?

    If you give it all away for free, with no royalties or anything, how do you make money and stay in business?

    • Joe says:

      They want to make the Corona community bigger and will make money from Fuse framework. Don’t worry. They have figured that they will make more money to make Pro version free.

  39. Dave Haynes says:

    I’m going to theorize that Corona plans to make money off Enterprise and Corona Cards for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, *and* Win32/Mac.

    In addition, it seems like they’re going to be pushing Fuse Powered as the best way to monetize an app, so Corona then becomes a vehicle for future Fuse signups as well.

    • Dave Haynes says:

      As a follow-up to my post above, I’m super excited about Win32/Mac support.

  40. Rui says:

    Greta NEWS, but I would we in heaven, of the NEWS also included html5, no more NEWS about ir for a long time… Is html5 Support dropled?

    • Rui says:

      I sincerely see html5/Corona replacing old flash websites, and expand Corona beyond game Development.

      Correcting last post:
      …. Be In heaven, if the NEWS…

    • Rob Miracle says:

      Walter posted above that HTML5 is something we still want to do, but we have to do Windows and Mac desktop first.

  41. DM says:

    This is good news! Congrats to Walter and the rest of the Corona team.

    Let me add my vote to HTML5 support. That would let us do things like embed demo versions of Corona-built apps in web pages, so people can try in their browser before they download (or buy).

  42. Joe says:

    The strategy to make Corona Pro free is understandable because now Corona is more like a platform and you want to generate revenues from Fuse ads framework. But the way to compensate to the existing Pro subscribers is not acceptable because most of us don’t use Enterprise version at all. Corona just don’t want to give money back. You will have the impacts of losing fans and users.

  43. Luke Duness says:

    G R E A T !!!

  44. Joe says:

    What? In no longer need to think about getting the money to get a Pro license??? Best. News. EVER!
    Thank you!

  45. Tony Godfrey says:

    Excellent! Lower barrier to entry means a bigger community!

  46. Dan says:

    Great. Now I can go back and update my old Corona game (The Octagon Theory) that was last updated in 2012 when my subscription expired and I moved to Unity.

  47. iFunSoft says:


  48. Awesome NEWS !!!

    Does this mean we can also run Corona on more than just 2 computers now?



    • Lerg says:

      You just need new accounts for those computers.

  49. Ale says:

    Great News!!
    Another big step for Corona SDk and Corona Labs team!

  50. Paul Peterson says:

    Umm … I’ve been in IT for 24+ years and have used the basic (free) version of the Corona SDK to build an Android game. But it puzzles me how I’m supposed to take advantage of today’s announcement. What does it mean to “just logout and then re-login to the Corona Simulator”. I’ve never had to “log into” the simulator. The download version is still the version from December 2014. You might want to spell this out for folks like me.

    • Lerg says:

      Go to the preferences, there is a Log Out button.

  51. Chee Yik Keong says:

    I would love to explore all these new options in coming weeks. The simplicity of building a game is the core of Corona and I hope it’s the same to deploy to desktop too.

  52. Amir says:

    You made us your lover.

  53. Jason says:

    Awesome news, thanks! I just downloaded and installed a daily build…haven’t had access to those for a while.

  54. Anton says:

    Mac App and Win32 App support, well done!

  55. Jann says:

    Walter, David. This is awesome!

  56. Speechless! Thank you guys 🙂

  57. Spt says:

    First of all, thanks for the big great news, Corona team! But I still can’t access the Daily Builds by this time (was a Starter user), anyone experience this?

  58. This is all excellent news and a great move towards getting Corona out there in the hands of any developer who wants it now, and with the added potential for targeting more platforms. I’ve been a Pro subscriber for two years now, and have extolled the virtues of Corona to everyone I can, but the subscription price puts a lot of people off. I’m very excited to see where this takes Corona in the future.

  59. Sithu says:

    I haven’t used COrona SDK in a while – was put off by the pricing structures. Was looking at Titanium as an alternative.

    Please could someone explain – if I use the free version of Corona SDK and my game/ app happens to gross >$100k, am I forced to upgrade? What is the revenue limit?


  60. Dave baxter says:

    Great news 🙂

    Am on basic which was due to expire next month and wasn’t going to renew due to funds.

    Anyway can you explain a little more on what I need to do, should I be downloading a different version of corona now ? Or is it the same app but it looks online to see what tier I am ?



    • Brent Sorrentino says:

      Hi Dave,
      You don’t need to download it anew… just “Quit and Deauthorize” on your side (from the Simulator), re-login, and it should pick up the new credentials (you’re basically a Pro user now).

      Take care,

      • Paul Peterson says:

        This is the information I was suggesting in my earlier comment that you add to your announcement language – about Deauthorizing from the Simulator). In addition I’d like it explained exactly what I will be able to do now that I couldn’t do before – in addition to access to the daily builds. I assume I will now be able to use certain commands / routines that I couldn’t before. Where are these listed?

  61. Marin says:

    Excellent move for us developers and this community!
    I just wish that we get a proper visual tools like Unity has, so we can use those for widgets as well! But looking forward to using Corona SDK 🙂

  62. endygwa says:

    Awesome news
    I’m proud to have chosen Corona over other frameworks.
    Long live Corona!

  63. Simone Mapelli says:

    Great !! How I’m struggling and mumbling about buying a pro for getting iap ….and now is free !!! and now I can implement from starting new graphics 2.0 enhancement, that I’ve left part waiting for allowing a pro subscriction !! great !!!!

  64. gudicus says:

    Yeeeeees! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!

  65. Martin Smtih says:


  66. Nicolas Michaud says:

    When you say Windows App, are you refering to the Upcoming universal app platform as refer here ?

    thank you

    • David says:

      Nick – we are currently building support for Win32 apps, not the new universal apps (that will come later). Win32 is what many developers want right now. Also, Steam works only with win32 apps, not universal apps.

      • Is this confirmation that we will be able to build native .dmg and .exe files that we can submit to Steam / GOG / and any other store as well as sell on our own sites etc?

  67. Pierre says:

    Very good news. Many thanks.

    Just one thing, I can’t access to the daily builds “notes”.

  68. Dima says:

    Great news 😀 Thanks!!!!
    I actually deauthorize and quit corona and login again.
    My subscription status is now on: Pro 🙂

    Is there a way to build for windows phone ?
    Actually I don’t found this option. Will this option be included in the next update maybe ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Rob Miracle says:

      Building for Windows Phone 8 is done using Visual Studio and CoronaCards for Windows Phone 8. It’s really straight forward and well documented. I would suggest starting here:

      And look at the Windows Phone 8 Guide and the series of Video’s to get you started. It’s really easy.

  69. kdd says:

    Very excited about the news!!!
    One question though, will the Mac App and Win32 App support be paid or free?

  70. sayhong says:

    Thank you Corona Team~
    It’s a Very Very Very Very Nice news for us~

    And thenk, We should think about avoid Cheat tools on PC/Mac (ex: memory editor,Quick Memory Editor,…)

  71. RetroNavigator says:

    Something’s wrong with logout/login procedure on osX IMO. I tried to logout but get a connection error (cannot connect ot the server). since then deauthorizing (as this is the name used in prefs panel) doesn’t seams to have any effect. Any hints? Do you guys experience the same?
    Cant wait to get my hands on with pro version…

  72. Coronalabs, you’re simply amazing!

  73. Larry says:

    Someone should let these guys know about Corona as well

  74. Januar Tanzil says:

    With the free version, can I make WP8 build?

    • Lerg says:


  75. sunil says:

    This is great news. I last looked at Corona a couple of years back when I had a paid subscription, but the project was mothballed. Will definitely consider it again. Have been planning on resurrecting an old app.

  76. Husam Sarris says:

    Awesome! great news indeed….
    However, I’m using the 2014.2381 build on a 10.8.5 Mac (The latest stable build requires at least a 10.9 Mac) ….
    How much am I missing?
    Does that mean that I have to buy a new Mac? 🙁

    • Shane says:

      Can’t you just upgrade from the Mac App Store?

      • HusamSarris says:

        I don’t think so …
        The requirements for the Yosmite OS X are higher than my my Mac Mini…
        Is the build that I’m using not good for anything? I’m thinking of building a game and then buying a new Mac when needed.
        What do you think?

        • Rob Miracle says:

          Corona SDK should run on both Yosemite 10.10 and Mavericks 10.9. We only support those two versions. You might have luck running things on older OS-X versions, but the problem is that Apple is constantly moving the bar in what they will accept. Today you have to be able to support 64 bit apps built with Xcode 6.1. This means Corona SDK 2545 or later as well. What you might be able to do is run an older Corona SDK while you’re developing the app, but when it comes time to deploy your app, you will have to upgrade your hardware, OS and Xcode versions as well as use a build of Corona SDK 2545 or later.

          • HusamSarris says:

            Thanks Rob, that was exactly what I was planning to do!
            I like to use the latest versions / hardware when building something.
            To be honest, I’m just feeling a little bad that I didn’t make the most of my old hardware in building games 🙁 hope to change that now, so that I’ll be able to buy hardware from my revenues and not from my personal funds!

  77. Alan says:

    For the Win32 and Mac support will those apps run as an exe/app or will they be wrapped in a web player as html??

    • Rob Miracle says:

      For Windows you will produce a Win32 executable (.exe). OS-X builds will create OS-X application bundles, like normal executable apps.

      • Alfan says:

        Will Win32 and Mac support is free or paid?

  78. Adi says:

    An interesting announcement. I hope we will not suffer from a drop in features due to this change of direction.
    I wonder if its worth while trying the enterprise version for our new plugin. Will pro subscribers who were moved to enterprise be able to create hosted plug-ins?

  79. Prographo says:


  80. Martin says:

    Any odd chance of getting a Linux compile target next to OSX as well? That would be huge for me!

  81. Joseph Hinkle says:

    This has just made my day! I’m going to start messing around with the full version today!

  82. Christian Mueller says:

    HI, any updates when the beta for OSX Apps may roll out?

    Also may there come a WP8 Compiling .. without the need of coronacards.
    Just like compiling an app for iOS/Android ?


  83. David says:

    Saw native Mac / Win32 applications running for real at the GDC last week. I met Walter too, talking about my Corona book and demonstrating some of my Corona apps to him! He’s very nice and open minded. Amazing moment.

  84. Vu Truong says:

    Too little too late.

    I loved Corona so much. It was my SDK of choice – until you guys decided to nickle and dime us, literally, screwing the very indie users you are now seeking. You drove so many of us away. After feeling so betrayed from Corona, I dropped my project in development for 6mos. I looked into Unity – and will never look back.

    You had something great going. Too bad you burned so many bridges.