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During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Corona Ambassador, Chris Byerly walked us through the latest version of Coronium Cloud code. He’s been hard at work adding user management, administrative tools, and enhanced push notification integration. We also had a round table discussion on Fire Phone along with some shared insights into whether Amazon’s App Store does better for developers, compared to Apple and Google Play.

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  1. Hi,

    just want to share my experience with Amazon regarding the Fire Phone:

    On my latest binary update for “Freeze!” I just checked the Fire-Phone checkbox, and a few days later I got the result that the update passed all tests, including the Fire Phone – this means “Freeze!” will be available for Fire users from day one.

    “Freeze!” additionally would be able to receive all the nice “Developer Select” opportunities if the game would support Amazon Game Circle (the game supports Game Center on iOS and Google Play Games Leaderboards & Achievements, so Game Circle would be easy for me to set up).

    But Corona does not support Game Circle. :-(

    But I hope that someday soon Game Circle will be brought into the Corona Mothership, from Corona Labs or from a 3rd party plugin supplier (yes, I of course would pay for it).


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