Corona Geek #29 – Game Developer Talk with Word Hunt & Freeze

Corona Geek #29 – Game Developer Talk with Word Hunt & Freeze

This week we discussed game development and app marketing with Robert Gleason, developer of Word Hunt and Andreas von Lepel, developer of Freeze. Also joining us on the developer panel was Ed Maurina, Gerald Bailey, and Matthew Chapman.

Unfortunately Andreas’ Internet connection wasn’t happy about being on the Google hangout, so we had to cut our conversation with him short. Hopefully we can get him on some other time or maybe read his developer story as a blog post in the near future. Walter Luh also joined us, but Google+ decide to drop the organizer from the hangout, so most of what he shared on the live hangout wasn’t recorded.

However, Robert Gleason was able to share some great insights into how Word Hunt was developed and how Learning Gems is working to brand themselves as a source of child friendly educational apps. The original focus of the discussion was on game development, but in the end it turned into a very enlightening conversation about app marketing. Robert shared some great tips, which were mirrored by Ed, Gerald, and Matthew. Be sure to listen in on the full hangout for more details.



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That’s all folks

That’s it for this week! Thank you for watching, listening, and supporting the show and we’ll see you on next week’s Corona Geek hangout.


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