Corona GeekDuring this week’s Corona Geek Corona Ambassador Sergey Lerg walked us through the awesome code for his Graphics 2.0 Audio Visualization Demo. We discussed Apple’s App Store ranking change. We shared our favorite Corona SDK editors and we discussed the release of Corona Editor v1.0.

Watch Sergey’s full audio visualization demo trailer to see his code in action.

Resources mentioned:

Thank you to everyone who watched the live Corona Geek Hangout on YouTube.

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  1. so much for the Graphics 2.0 tutorials. . do you have a working, clear example on how to “post, share,invite” features on Facebook???
    been a month trying to do it, all i can do access facebook log-in interface

    • There is the Facebook sample app under the SampleCode/Network folder that has a bunch of examples on how to do things. You also have the facebook.showDialog() option to popup facebook dialogs to do things. There is also the native.showPopup(“social”) plugin that will let you do Facebook posting with almost now setup.


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