Corona GeekDuring this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we discussed the viral success and ultimate demise of Flappy Bird with Goofo Escape game developer Dario Sangiovanni. Dario and the rest of the developer panel shared many insights into what it takes to make a successful mobile game.

Also mentioned was:

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  1. You guys all missed the point with Flappy Birds. I wish I was in this conversation. Why? This is ironically happening to me right now with two of my apps. It’s stress related! Dealing with lawyers, and Nintendo!

  2. Good observation Nick. It’s very easy to comment from the stand, but I’m sure the developer feels/felt a very real element of stress that just wasn’t desired. Some people would just say, “oh well” and keep moving forward. But, not everyone is built that way. Hope your dealings go smoothly.

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