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During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we talked with Coronium Developer, Chris Byerly about the new features of Coronium, like analytics and modules. Chris demo’d a public leaderboard module that’s implemented on an AWS instance using just 66 lines of code. We also talked with Mobile App Chat podcast host Steve P. Young about his new selfie camera app called, oSnap. Steve shared why he decided to create a camera app With so many other camera apps on the market. And finally, we looked at few iOS music apps that can help you create custom sounds for your games without being a musician.

What’s new in Coronium 1.5

oSnap Camera App for Selfies

Simple Audio Game Loop Made with Figure

Also mentioned

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  1. The figure example is a good one. I tried to do so but I had some issues exporting my samples : there’s always a cut a the end and it doesn’t loop correctly. How did you do ?

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