Hangout Highlights – Creating Grid Patterns and Apple Watch Talk

Hangout Highlights – Creating Grid Patterns and Apple Watch Talk

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Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 139, we looked at organizing memory matching game pieces into a grid pattern. The solution involves coding a loop within a loop to create repeating rows of cards. Download the code to see how it all fits together.

Here are clips from Hangout #139. Watch the entire Hangout, or just the pieces that interest you.

Part 1 – Community Announcements

Jason Schroeder tells us why he uses his name as his brand.

Part 2 – Memory Matching Game Recap

Ed Maurina gives us a brief overview of our matching game project.

Part 3 – Grid Pattern Visualization – Part 1

Ed helps us visualize the logic behind the game grid.

Part 4 – Calculating Grid Positions

Ed shows us how game pieces get positioned on the game grid.

Part 5 – Game Mechanics Format

We discuss the merits of focusing on just game mechanics in future Hangouts.

Part 6 – Thoughts on Apple Watch

The panel discusses Apple Watch interface considerations.

Part 7 – More Thoughts on Apple Watch

The panel discusses potential killer apps for Apple Watch.

Be sure to watch Hangout #140 where we finish our memory matching game. We added game logic to keep track of which cards have matching images and which don’t. Our next Hangout topic will focus on the core mechanics of creating a puzzle game. We’ll look at how the puzzle pieces are created and how they connect. Stay tuned.

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