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Hangout Highlights – Matching Logic and Productivity App Development

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 140, we added matching logic for our memory matching game. We also talked with Richard Brooke, developer of TaskPad+, a task management business app developed with Corona SDK. Richard shared his experience with using Corona to build a productivity app. He also told us if he would do it again. Here are clips from the Hangout.


Corona Geek #70 – Illustrator, App Developer Laura Tallardy On Creating Mobile Apps

During the last Corona Geek Hangout of 2013, we talk with App Developer / Illustrator Laura Tallardy about what it’s like to be both artist and app developer. Laura has an excellent portfolio of themed children’s apps and several holiday themed apps that she maintains across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook. She has an interesting story about how she made the transition from artist to app developer. Laura also shared several excellent work flow tips and her advice to just, “get it shipped” was a powerful part of the conversation.