Corona Labs Does Global Game Jam, San Francisco Style

So yesterday’s launch of Global Game Jam here in San Francisco went well. As people arrived they were encouraged to create fun hats to wear. That helped to bring people together at the various tables around the room. Most people put their name on their hat as a form of name tag. Overall, it was really just a time for people to get to know each other and talk because some people knew each other, but a lot of them didn’t.

Corona Geek – Episode 24 – Hanging with Hiptic Games & SSKCorona

During this week’s Corona Geek we hung out with Brian Burton, George Deglin, Long Vo, Ed Maurina, Matthew Chapman, and Gerald Bailey. We started the show off with some technical issues, but fortunately those issues didn’t keep us from finding out how Hiptic games created and marketed a brand new game in just 11 weeks, and how a third party Corona SDK library can help you with some of the common tasks involved in creating games and apps. See the show notes below for more details.

Corona Geek – Episode 23 – Hanging with Corona Paper, Global Game Jam

During this week’s Corona Geek hangout we talked with special guest Stian Saunes from 10FINGERS AB about their Corona SDK focused digital magazine, Corona Paper. Also joining the show was Brent Sorrentino, Corona Labs forum ninja. Brent educated us about Global Game Jam, which is coming up at the end of January. We also shared a bunch of announcements about upcoming Corona events, so be sure to listen to see if something is happening in your area.

Corona Geek Weekly Level Up – The Road Ahead

Knowing where you’ve been is just as important as knowing where you are going. That’s why I like to write up a recap of the week. It helps remind me of what was accomplished during the week and hopefully it helps you catch up on anything you might have missed. This week’s recap is going to be a little different because on Monday it was officially announced that Corona Geek joined Corona Labs family. So in today’s recap I want to share with you what that means to me and what it will mean for the Corona community.

Corona Geek – Episode 22 – The 2013 Road Ahead Show

What better way to kick off the new year than to hangout and recap what happened in 2012 and talk about what that will mean for the Corona community in 2013? In this episode we hung out with show regular, Dr. Brian Burton, author of several books on developing mobile apps using Corona SDK and we were joined by Walter Luh, David Rangel, and Mohamed Hamedi to discuss Corona Geek, Corona Cloud, Corona Enterprise, and Project Gluon.

App Review: 14px Game

Here’s a quick app review of 14px by Drummer Games, a 2D platformer game with a retro feel. Four worlds are included as part of the paid game along with 45 levels that range from introductory to absolutely insane. 14px also has an online level editor that allows you to create levels in your desktop browser and play them on your device and share them with your friends. More on that later.