Corona Geek Hangout – Episode 4 – Memory Management, Corona Project Manager, and Corona SDK JSON Usage

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Corona Geek 4

This week we discuss the release notes from previous Corona SDK builds, answer some more newbie questions, talk about the proper way to free up memory when working with objects, take a look at the Corona Project Manager as a time saving development tool, share some device news, and close with a discussion on using JSON in the Corona SDK API.

What Will iPhone5 Mean To Corona SDK Developers

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According to the rumor sites iPhone 5, or whatever it will be officially called, is set to be announced soon with a taller screen that will support another row of icons. For consumers this will mean they’ll have access to more apps on their home screen and more viewable real-estate for playing games and getting things done, but what will it mean to mobile developers who use the Corona SDK to produce their cross platform mobile apps? As the MacRumors mock-up video below shows, it probably won’t mean much initially. Existing Corona apps will likely function as they do today, with the exception that they’ll be displayed in the center of the screen with black letterbox bars on either side of the app. That’s good

Amazon Now Accepts Promotional Images

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Last night I received an email from the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Team. They wanted to let me know that as a Mobile App Distribution Developer, I can now add promotional images to my apps. Apparently their internal marketing team uses promotional images in featured placements to highlight apps, and they’ll be using these “creative assets” in more places, so they want you to participate. If you’re a mobile developer who publishes their apps in the Amazon Marketplace, you’ll need to use the dimensions 1024 x 500 pixels for your promotional images and provide them in PNG or JPG format. If you are looking for extra ways to market your mobile apps, check out the full details on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog. Charles

Lead Architect of the Lua Programming Language Joins Corona Labs’ Advisory Board

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Corona Geek

According to a recent press release, Roberto Ierusalimschy, Lead architect of the Lua programming language, has joined the Corona Labs’ Advisory Board. If you’re new to the Lua programming language, you might be interested to know that Lua is used in a vast range of applications on mobile and desktop, including World of Warcraft, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Rovio’s Angry Birds, and is the leading language for developing interactive graphical games, eBooks and apps. Ierusalimschy is an associate professor of informatics at Pontifical University in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RIO) and the author of “Programming in Lua.” As an authority on Lua, Ierusalimschy has been invited to speak at the Game Developers Conference and to serve as a visiting professor at universities around the globe including

Apple Adds 32 New Territories To The App Store

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Apple developers can now sell their apps in 32 New Territories. Overall the list seems to cover some pretty remote locations. So we’ve linked to country statistics for each of the new territories. If you’d like to suggest additional resources, add your suggestions in the comments below.

Amazon Appstore Announces International Sales Opportunities

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Corona Geek

Hello all you groovy mobile developers! Today Amazon announced support for international sales in the U.K., Germany, Italy, and Spain. Since I haven’t published an app in the Amazon Appstore yet, I wasn’t even aware that these weren’t already options, so tada! I am a registered developer though, so Amazon sent all their developers an email announcing the news. In the email they said, “You now have the ability to select the countries where you would like your apps to be sold and can set your list prices by marketplace.” So far, I’ve submitted apps to the Google Play Marketplace (I think that’s what they officially call it), and Apple’s App Store and each of them already support international sales. So I guess Amazon is