Corona Geek #39 – Creating Forever Lost, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

This week we hung out with Graham Ranson and Simon Pearce of Glitch Games to discuss how they designed and developed their hit game Forever Lost. Both game developers were brutally honest about the process and their design decisions. They also provided some encouraging insights into how two game developers make their living off of a popular game title.

Staff Conversation #5: Graphics 2.0 Demo

During today’s Staff Conversations hangout, Walter Luh demos some of the new 3D-like effects that will be possible as part of Corona SDK’s Graphics 2.0. As Walter explains, these types of effects are possible without a Z-axis, which helps to avoid unnecessary confusion for developers who want to include 3D-style animations in an app.

Staff Conversation: Expansion File Support In Corona SDK

In this third edition of our new weekly Staff Conversations segment, Corona Labs Core Engineer, Danny Chan talks about expansion file support for Android and how as of Daily Build 1082 Corona SDK makes it easier to publish Android apps on Google Play with APKs larger than 50MB.

Corona Geek #35 – Hanging out with Spelling Test developer, Brian Park

This week, we hung out with Spelling Test developer, Brian Park. Spelling Test is the #1 rated spelling app for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK. Brian shared how his app was originally developed using x-code and objective-c and how after much personal expense and effort he ultimately decided to rewrite Spelling Test himself using Corona SDK. Even though Brian doesn’t consider himself a programmer, he’s developed an extremely popular cross platform educational app with many advanced features including a completely custom keyboard that suppresses spelling correction when taking tests.