Runtime Error Handling

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As those of you who build for Android have already noticed we’ve made changes to the way we report errors.  It was necessary to do this on Android first because improved runtime error handling was a prerequisite to getting the custom Android permissions feature implemented.

Networking 2.0

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Starting with build 2013.1043, on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, we are rolling out new functionality within our network api. Network functions like download, request have been enhanced with new functionality.

Widget 2.0 is here! Bam!

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It’s here! We rewrote Corona’s widget library from the ground up and it’s now available in Daily Build 1034.

(Side note: There was a little snafu with the 1034’s Daily Build API docs. It’s now fixed!)

The most important thing we did was decide to start from scratch in order to build a stable, rock-solid foundation. It’s much easier to extend, has better error handling, and is more maintainable.

Say goodbye to default Android Permissions

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In the past month, we’ve been focusing Corona Daily Builds on lots of small details, and in particular, what I call invisible issues. These are the kinds of things that don’t make sense to address in the short-term, but are vital to the long-term health of the platform.

One such invisible issue has been Android permissions, or more precisely, the default permissions.

Tutorial: Utilizing Time and Dates

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Working with “time” in any programming language can be confusing to programmers. Furthermore, it’s not always obvious what the time and date functions mean and how they behave. This week’s tutorial discusses some of these issues and shows you how to work with things like date calculations, time zones, and date formatting.