Tutorial: Multi-Element Physics Bodies

This week’s tutorial steps you through some advanced tactics involving multi-element physics bodies. Mutli-element bodies possess some valuable traits that joint-assembled bodies don’t — but they also present some quirks and hurdles. Learn how to work around some of those in your physics-based apps!

Block Struggle: Winner at the 2012 Danish App Awards (Guest Post)

Mathias Gruber is the founder of Yet Another App Company and the developer of Block Struggle. Developed in just a few months with Corona SDK, the cross-platform game secured Mathias several recognitions at the Danish App Awards 2012, as a winner of the “Independent Developer” category and the “Aller Innovation Prize,” from the largest media publisher in Scandinavia.

Corona Holiday Gifts: Android Push and More!

Christmas came early for many Corona SDK developers! The team was very busy last week with a bunch of check-ins that rolled out to daily builds. There are many new features for you to explore, including native Twitter support (iOS 5 and 6), iAds support, and the much-anticipated Android push notifications. Please read about all of the holiday gifts that Corona has delivered today, and how to get started with push notifications in Android!

Spreading some holiday cheer with new Corona features!

Today was supposed to be the end of the world, so if you’re reading this, you survived!

To celebrate, I wanted to talk about some early holiday gifts that Corona Labs is sending your way.

We just made available a couple of cool new features in Corona SDK‘s daily builds.

The features I’ll highlight today were made possible by Project Gluon, which as you may recall from last week, enables Corona plugins.

Coronifying the Cloud: Corona Labs acquires Game Minion

From the beginning, our mission has been to “coronify” technologies that unlock your imagination: we’ve constantly been looking at ways to eliminate the stumbling blocks that get between you and your goal of shipping the best apps out there.

Since then the industry has evolved at a lightning pace. Integration of back-end services has become increasingly important, and in some cases, vital to how apps need to work. The brick wall that app developers typically face is that back-end development is just so different from mobile app development — like the difference between left-brain thinking and right-brain thinking.

For anyone used to app development, that’s an incredible hurdle to jump over.

Device Detection

Developing for multiple devices and OS versions might seem tricky, but it’s easier if you build a comprehensive module to detect different hardware models. This week’s tutorial steps you through the entire process, allowing you to modify both content and capabilities depending on the actual device. Read further to learn how it’s done!