Guest Post: Increasing App Revenue with Fortumo Mobile Payments

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Jaana Metsamaa is the head of engineering at Fortumo, the mobile payments company that powers in-app payments for game developers such as Rovio, Gameloft, Vostu and Zeptolab. The company covers 80 countries through 300 operators and lets users make payments on the web and in Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

Fortumo recently added Corona SDK support for their in-app payments via a Corona Plugin. In this post, Jaana walks developers through the integration process for adding mobile payments into their Android and NOOK apps built with Corona.

Elementropy: My GIGJam48 Experience (Guest Piece)

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Jason Schroeder

Last weekend, Glitch Games, creators of the popular Forever Lost adventure game series, hosted a 48-hour Game Jam just for Corona SDK developers called “GIGJam48.” I’m happy to say that I was a participant in the jam, and wanted to write a sort of “post-mortem” for my experience with the event.

Guest post: Building a #1 business app with Corona SDK

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Cost a Cake Pro icon

Chris Russell is the creator of the Corona-powered Cost a Cake and Cost a Cake Pro for iOS. Created for cake makers, Chris’s business apps have soared to #1 in the Food & Drink category of the US and UK App Stores, and reached the Top 10 in a number of additional stores around the world.

Chris initially started the project as a native iOS-only app, but transitioned to Corona SDK for the cross-platform capabilities. Today, Chris shares his experience developing a successful business app with Corona SDK.

Guest Post: Corona SDK + GameDevHelper = A Powerful Duo

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Turbo Sprint icon

Andy Hadlington is a freelance interactive developer based in the United Kingdom. Once Andy took a dive into mobile development, he created his first 2D top down racer game – Turbo Sprint – with Corona SDK. In his guest piece, Andy breaks down several commonly asked questions about Turbo Sprint.

Guest Piece: An Introduction to TexturePacker

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Andreas Loew

Today’s post comes to us from Andreas Loew, the creator of TexturePacker. Offering a full-featured graphical user interface, TexturePacker includes multi-touch support, zooming, and a tree view with all used sprites. Best of all, the extremely fast layout algorithm shows all changes in realtime.

Learn more about TexturePacker, as well as how to use less texture memory and improve your game’s performance.

Guest piece: GIG Jam – The 48 Hour Corona SDK Hackathon (May 4-5, 2013)

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On May 4-5, 2013, Glitch Games is organizing a 48-hour Corona SDK hackathon called Glitch Indie Game (GIG) Jam. Open to Corona SDK developers and those interested in working with the platform, GIG Jam is offering over $3300 worth of prizes spread across five winners.

Learn all about the jam in today’s piece from Graham Ranson of Glitch Games. Sign up for your chance to win a Corona SDK Pro license, Texture Packer Pro, Physics Editor, SpriteHelper and much more!