Tutorial: Simulating Game Controllers

If you’re developing Corona-powered apps for HID-controller-based environments, you might have wished that you can “simulate” the controller input similarly to how you simulate other aspects of your app. Now you can! In today’s guest tutorial, learn how to simulate HID controllers directly in the Corona Simulator.

Guest Piece: Mastermind for Mobile – The Rebirth of a Classic Game

Anders Linneman Hjarnaahas has worked in the web industry for 17 years and runs his own web agency, CPH Cloud, in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a solid background in ASP and ActionScript, Anders quickly picked up Corona SDK and began working on his first mobile game, CodeCrusher. In his guest piece, Anders writes on how he recreated the classic Mastermind board game for mobile devices with the launch CodeCrusher.

Guest Piece: Sheldon the Square-Shelled Turtle Combats Childhood Bullying, On Mobile Devices and Now In Print

Nick Nebelsky, Creative Director and CEO of Intense Media, LLC, always dreamed of owning his own media company and now it’s starting to take shape. He and his writing partner, Dr. Mike Perko, Phd., just finished a multi-state book signing event at 7 Costco Clubs in the AZ and NC metro areas. Their book, Cornered! which also is available as an app, deals with a sensitive issue that children are faced with today – bullying. The book looks at the issue through the eyes of Sheldon, a square-shelled turtle.

Guest Piece: Traditional Journalism is Dead, Long Live the New Journalism

David Gross is a professional photographer that has covered war and post-conflict Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey. Among other projects, he worked alongside the Thai victim identification team after the Asian tsunami in 2005. While in Thailand, he saw art therapists working with children displaced by the tsunami. This experience sparked his interest in doing a project combining art therapy and photography.

He was so moved by the emotion conveyed in their drawings that he felt inspired to create Inside-Outside, a multi-media project that captures the drawings of Syrian Refugee children paired with photography and audio stories. You can contribute to the project on the Inside-Outside Kickstarter Page.

Guest Piece: Little Galaxy and Lessons Learned in Marketing

Marek Zilavy is a creative consultant for Little Galaxy, a game developed by Bitmap Galaxy. Marek was responsible for the copywriting, viral marketing, and public relations for Little Galaxy. Currently, Mark also works as a game designer for browser, Facebook and mobile titles.

In August 2013, Little Galaxy was recognized as a Corona App of the Week winner. In his guest piece, Marek shares the lessons he learned while marketing Little Galaxy, and his plans to build an audience in the game’s next update.

Guest Piece: eCPMs to Ad Placement – Monetization Tips from the Pros

Last Wednesday, a group of San Francisco techies gathered in SOMA to talk eCPMs, ad placement, fill and mediation – in other words, mobile monetization – at Corona Labs’ Monetizing Cross-Platform Apps panel.

Learn more about the panel from SponsorPay’s communication manager, Jessa Moon.

Guest Piece: An Introduction to Level Director

Alan Gough has been involved in the software industry for over 25 years, mainly writing software for large insurance and investment management companies using technologies from Assembler to C#. Alan is also the founder of Retrofit Productions, the creator of Level Director, a third party tool which helps app developers create complex screens and levels with ease.

In today’s piece, Alan writes on Level Director tool and discusses how with a few clicks, the tool can take developers’ design ideas from paper to the mobile world.

Guest piece: In game development, it’s all about details

For those of you who have played OmNomster, it’s likely that you haven’t noticed some of the small, subtle details that I’ve added to the game. That’s fine, since these effects shouldn’t be exaggerated to overwhelm the game. You actually shouldn’t notice them consciously, but they should give you an overall impression that the scene is real and alive.

Guest Piece: Get Your Game in the Cloud with The Together Platform

A 15-year game industry veteran, Dustin Clingman has developed games for nearly every mobile platform. In 2002 he founded Zeitgeist Games, which was acquired in 2008 by IMI Labs and relaunched as ZeeGee Games to focus on a growing social games market.

With the 2013 launch of Together Games, Dustin aims to simplify the processes behind game development by helping developers with cloud deployment and distributed data management. To learn how to integrate The Together Platform into your Corona-powered apps, take a look at the plugin’s documentation page.