Corona Geek #97 – Variable Localization, CoronaViewer Tips, and App Prototyping

Corona Geek #97 – Variable Localization, CoronaViewer Tips, and App Prototyping

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During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, Ed Maurina showed us how to automate the addition of commonly used variables to projects. We looked at displaying projects instantly across multiple devices using CoronaViewer and Dropbox for synchronization. We also explored two standalone iOS apps that enable Corona app development directly on a device with fewer keystrokes.

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Charles McKeever

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  • Voyak
    Posted at 01:28h, 10 July


    Great show.. unfortunately i had to chance to see it only on friday. Some good stuff as usual, thanks! 🙂

    The interesting thing that grabbed me was “InVision” thing. I’ve been digging a bit and found a few alternatives:



    I think InVision places between Free and Freemium, because it has not-so-annoying limitations to the free edition as the Freemium ones.

    Those free ones i think may only have basic functionality of creating links to another screens, which should be sufficient for plain prototype. All depends on what you need and how much money You want to spend. For me, as a lonely developer of my first game, the free tools mentioned above is an awesome place to quickly visualize a prototype with basic functionality and decide whether or not the idea for particular placement of UI elements or even elements from the gameplay/level itself was working with other things.

    So again, thank You for showing that InVision app! 🙂


    P.S. Just a suggestion – Maybe it would be worth to bring the topic of Project Managers some day? I would post a few which i found interesting 🙂

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