Tag: Game Mechanics

Corona Geek #155 – 3D Printed Game Pieces and Using Gravity In Games – Part 2

Today, we talked with special guest Todd Porter, CEO of BoardCraft about creating 3D printed game pieces. We also continued our gravity game discussion with a look at how to set up our world using layers, how to enable multitouch, and how to capture key inputs on Windows and OS X. The project code and graphics have been updated since last week, so be sure to download the updated source code.


Corona Geek #79 – Game Mechanics – Breaking Down An Endless Runner Style Game

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we explore the different elements of an endless runner style game. Roaming Gamer’s, Ed Maurina walks through an endless runner sample app that covers all the essential parts of an endless runner style game. We dig into parallax scrolling, character jumping, score keeping and more. Listen in as the panelist bounce around various ideas.


Corona Geek #53 – Make Rain and Lightning in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek, it almost literally rained cats and dogs during the rain and lightning code snippet walkthroughs. We walked through a great piece of code by Corona Ambassador Volodymr Sergeyev, that showed how to create and recycle objects to simulate rain. Ed Maurina modified that code on the fly and the results will make you laugh out loud.


Corona Geek #52 – Making a Character Jump in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek Ed Maurina, developer of Corona SDK game templates at Roaming Gamer, walked us through a Corona SDK code snippet that makes your game characters jump. Using Corona’s built in physics engine, we applied force to a single character and then added a second character to show how easy it is to handle touch events for multiple objects using the same function.