Corona Geek #79 – Game Mechanics – Breaking Down An Endless Runner Style Game

Corona Geek Hangout
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Corona GeekDuring this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we explore the different elements of an endless runner style game. Roaming Gamer‘s, Ed Maurina has created an endless runner sample app that covers all the essential parts of an endless runner style game. We dig into parallax scrolling, character jumping, score keeping and more. We were joined by a great group of developers who all added value to the conversation and proved that, there’s more than one way to get things done in Corona SDK.

Update: Watch part 2 of the endless runner discussion to see how to handle tracking distance traveled and detecting pit falls.

And, as a special treat, Sergey Lerg offered to share the source code for his Cubic Run LD27 endless runner game with anyone who rates and reviews his Three Puzzle – Hex LED game for Android. If that’s you, then contact Sergey and let him know after you rate and review his app.


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Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever is a life long computer geek who enjoys exploring technologies to understand how they work, how they can be smashed together, and how they can be used to fuel entrepreneurial endeavors.

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  1. Norvin says:

    I’ve done an infinite runner in Corona SDK too. 🙂 check it out.

    I took me 2 months of work, and treats most of the aspects of an infinite runner.

  2. Mike says:

    Here are links to the endless runner games I have created with Corona SDK:

    Road Run And Gun

    Flappy Fruit Bat

    Flappy Fruit Bat Free

    Jumping Jelly

    Jumping Jelly Free

    Peppy The Penguin Airborne

  3. KidWithGames says:

    Code Please

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