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In the mobile app world, table views, or “list views,” are based on a paradigm where information is presented to the user in a series of single-column rows. In this tutorial, we’re going to look more deeply at this powerful tool in the widget repository and discuss how to implement some advanced features with just a little extra coding.

Corona Geek Hangout
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During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we explore the different elements of an endless runner style game. Roaming Gamer’s, Ed Maurina walks through an endless runner sample app that covers all the essential parts of an endless runner style game. We dig into parallax scrolling, character jumping, score keeping and more. Listen in as the panelist bounce around various ideas.

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This week’s tutorial discusses the basics behind anonymous functions and closures in Lua. These methods provide a powerful way to keep track of variable instances on a per-function basis and, in the context of Corona SDK, pass parameters to functions in which you don’t control the passed-in content. Read further to discover how.