Corona Geek #64 – MobileAppChat Podcast and Graphics 2.0 Talk

During this week’s Corona Geek we talked with Corona Developer and MobileAppChat podcast host, Steve P. Young about how he got into mobile app development, marketing, and podcasting. We also talked about Graphics 2.0 and some important things to know about migrating from 1.0 to 2.0.

Corona Geek #63 – Creating Children’s Apps and Simulating 2.5D Perspective in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek we talked with children’s app developer Greg Pugh about creating children’s apps using Corona SDK. As a one person shop, Greg has successfully created a series of very creative interactive children’s books using Corona SDK and Kwik. He shared a number of tips and insights that you’ll want to hear, even you’re not creating children’s apps. We also, looked at code for creating 2.5D perspective using the new Graphics 2.0 engine.