Corona Geek Snippets – Graphics 2.0 Talk and Gear Jumping Fun

Monday’s Corona Geek was a long one. We hung out with CEO, Walter Luh to discuss the exciting new Corona SDK Graphics 2.0 Public Beta. Walter talked about some of the new graphics filter effects while sharing some insights into where Corona SDK has been and where it’s headed. If you don’t have time to watch the whole Hangout, here are a few clips to help you get your geek on.

Corona Geek #59 – Graphics 2.0, Corona Editor, and Game Code

During this week’s Corona Geek we talked with Corona Labs’ CEO, Walter Luh, about the Corona SDK Graphics 2.0 Public Beta, Corona Editor, and a new Graphics 2.0 contest to be announced later this week. Ed Maurina from Roaming Gamer also walked us through his Gear Jumper game template and showed off a few very cool Graphics 2.0 effects.

Corona Geek #54 – Making Objects Float in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek, we talked about the state of Windows Phone, given the sudden departure of Steve Ballmer and Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone manufacturing. We also stepped through some very interesting Corona SDK code for creating a buoyancy special effect that makes objects look like they float in liquid.

Corona Geek #53 – Make Rain and Lightning in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek, it almost literally rained cats and dogs during the rain and lightning code snippet walkthroughs. We walked through a great piece of code by Corona Ambassador Volodymr Sergeyev, that showed how to create and recycle objects to simulate rain. Ed Maurina modified that code on the fly and the results will make you laugh out loud.

Corona Geek #52 – Making a Character Jump in Corona SDK

During this week’s Corona Geek Ed Maurina, developer of Corona SDK game templates at Roaming Gamer, walked us through a Corona SDK code snippet that makes your game characters jump. Using Corona’s built in physics engine, we applied force to a single character and then added a second character to show how easy it is to handle touch events for multiple objects using the same function.

Corona Geek Snippets – HID Support, Ouya, GameStick Support

During Monday’s Corona Geek Hangout we shared that Corona SDK now supports HID controllers, which means you can now target Ouya, GameStick game controller, MOGA Pro, PS 3 controller, NVIDIA Shield, along with Bluetooth keyboards and mice (all HID devices). Here’s a snippet from the Hangout where Snake Head Software Founder, Gerald Bailey, raised the important question of what do these controllers mean for mobile games. Roaming Gamer, Ed Maurina, responded with a answer that offers up some good perspective.