Hangout Highlights – Social Sharing Using The Facebook Plugin

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 152, Ed Maurina took us through the basics of social media integration using the Facebook plugin. We looked at logging in, requesting Facebook permissions, and posting updates to the user’s timeline. We also discussed briefly, how to create a Facebook app with a highlight on the differences between website […]

Corona Geek #153 – Custom Shader Math and 2D Shadow Effects

Today, Steven Johnson of led us through part 4 of our ongoing discussion on creating custom shader effects. During the Hangout Steven highlighted some of the exponential numerical issues surrounding shader math. We looked at a few visual representations of these “numerical issues” and talked about how to overcome hardware limitations to achieve device level precision.

Hangout Highlights – Custom Vertex Shaders and Visualizing Polygon Points

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 150, Steven Johnson introduced us to creating custom vertex shaders effects in Corona SDK. We also looked at some shader code examples to see the effects in action and we revealed a tip for using wireframe mode with display.setDrawMode to see the points of a polygon in a vertex shader example. Here are the clips from the Hangout.

Hangout Highlights – Creating Motorized Wheeled Carts

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 148, we stepped through the concepts and source code to create a motorized wheeled cart using pivot joints and Corona’s built in physics engine. We also explored applying torque and gravity to the cart to get some interesting effects. Here are clips to help you catch up. Download the examples from the Hangout to see how everything works.