Corona Geek #83 – Exploring Cloud Computing Basics

Do you want to create a cloud service for your mobile app? During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we talk about cloud computing with Dr. Brian Burton. We also highlighted a few innovative cloud providers that are simplifying the process of setting up a LAMP stack so you can jump in and start coding without needing to be a ninja admin.

Corona Geek #81 – Using applyForce, applyTorque, and HTML5

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we discussed concepts from the Physics API like applyForce and applyTorque. Roaming Gamer’s Ed Maurina stepped us through examples of each concept and explained how they affect game objects. Spiral Code Studio’s Sergey Lerg also walked us through how he ported his Cubic Run LD game code to HTML5 using Corona SDK.

Corona Geek #80 – CoronaCards, Windows Phone, and Endless Runner Part 2

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we discussed what CoronaCards is and what it means to use Corona SDK inside native iOS and Android apps, as well as Accelerator, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Unity projects. We’ll also discussed Windows Phone demos at the Microsoft GDC 2014 booth. And finally, we finished up the second half of our endless runner game mechanics conversation.

Corona Geek #79 – Game Mechanics – Breaking Down An Endless Runner Style Game

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we explore the different elements of an endless runner style game. Roaming Gamer’s, Ed Maurina walks through an endless runner sample app that covers all the essential parts of an endless runner style game. We dig into parallax scrolling, character jumping, score keeping and more. Listen in as the panelist bounce around various ideas.

Corona Geek #77 – Using Parse With TableView Widgets and Match Three Game Design

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout Washington D.C business app developer Theo Rushin Jr. walked us through his solution for displaying data from a Parse database using TableView widgets. We also talked with Portland Oregon game developer, Ed Maurina about his new unorthodox match three game named Reflexivity. Ed explained some of the design decisions he made during development and how he handles user experience on different devices.

Geek Recap: Code, Books, Meters, and Belly Dancing

A lot of great things were announced on last week’s Corona Geek. That’s why we’ve broken the Hangout into bite sized nuggets so you won’t miss a thing. Whether you’re interested in Corona SDK code snippets, books on how to make an app, tools for app optimization, creative app monetization strategies, room painting apps, or belly dancing apps, these video snippets have got you covered.