Hangout Highlights: Super Memory Meter

During Monday’s Hangout Ed Maurina showed off a new memory monitoring tool that show realtime information about device memory, display memory, and frame per second while your app is running. The memory meter can be added to your projects with two lines of code and it comes with full documentation.


Tutorial: Delta time in Corona

One method of animation and timing is to programmatically change certain values on each frame update. However, If the frame rate fluctuates, the speed of this action may seem inconsistent to the user. To compensate for this, you can use “delta time,” a process which helps the run speed appear more consistent during processor-intensive periods.


App of the Week: Hungry Oni

Hungry Oni is the work of a British ex-Lionhead Studios game designer, Andrzej Zamoyski, and an Indonesian artist/illustrator, Ferdi Trihadi. The game features bold graphics, spunky audio and amusing gameplay and was even graced with a ‘New and Noteworthy’ feature in the App Store.


Guest Piece: Jammin’ for Change, Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Gaming

Kimberly Voll holds a PhD in computer science and is a professor of software engineering and digital media at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada. Her specialities include artificial intelligence, user experience, and game design. Passionate about game development, Kim runs Full Indie, the local independent games meetup, as well as the Vancouver Global Game Jam. On the side, Kim is a part-time graphic designer, indie developer, and writer.

In July, Corona Labs is sponsoring iamagamer, a jam organized by Kimberly that’s based on creating strong, female lead characters in games. Register for iamagamer and support Kimberly’s mission of challenging the industry’s views on strong, female protagonists.


Guest Piece: A Re-Introduction to Inneractive as a Premium Mobile SSP

Offer Yehudai is President and Co-Founder of Inneractive. Offer drives the product vision of Inneractive’s ad mediation platform and is responsible for the company’s relationships with developers and publishers. Offer has a deep background in mobile, internet and media and manages business development, product development and global scale projects.

Inneractive is one of Corona Labs’ first Corona Plugin partners, which are available to Corona SDK developers. For more information, please see Inneractive’s plugin documentation.