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Guest Piece: Making a Living in the Indie App Economy

Laura Tallardy lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her husband and their spoiled dog. She wears skinny jeans and works on digital dressup dolls all day, but swears she’s not a hipster. She just released her sixth Corona SDK powered app, Ballet Fashion Show, a ballerina dress-up game for girls. Her other apps Mermaid Fashion Show, Princess Fashion Show, Fairy Fashion Show, Mermaid Princess Puzzles and Fairy Ballerina Puzzles are also available on iOS and Android.

Laura’s guest piece on making money as an indie app developer has been republished with her permission from The Bill Fold.


Tomb Breaker: How do those super cool mystical doors work? (Guest Piece)

Kurt Bieg is the founder of Simple Machine, a one-man indie game studio. From coming up with unique game mechanics to coding to writing the music, Kurt runs the show with the goal of bringing unique experiences to unexpected audiences.

Kurt’s recent Tomb Breaker game was recognized as New and Noteworthy by Apple and was selected as a Corona App of the Week in May 2013. In his piece, Kurt shares how he created the mystical doors seen in Tomb Breaker.


Guest Piece: CoronaBlitz – My First Game Jam

Kyle Yamamoto is the co-founder of MochiBits, an independent game studio. While originally working with Cocos2D, the team switch to Corona SDK to take advantage of Corona’s cross-platform capabilities. To date, Kyle and co-founder Howard Go have build and published 11 mobile apps.

Kyle recently participated in CoronaBlitz, a 4 hour coding challenge put on by Corona developer Andrew Potozniak. In today’s piece, Kyle writes on his experience participating in his first-ever game jam. Check out all the CoronaBlitz entries in our forum.


Guest Piece: Columbus Little – Crowdfunding 101

Philip and Tobias Schneider are the creators of Columbus Little, an app that lets kids discover the world in a playful way. Philip and Tobias are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Columbus Little.

This is the second piece in a two-part series on crowdfunding an app. The first piece covers turning an app idea into a working prototype, while today’s piece covers the campaign itself.


Guest piece: CrossInstall’s ad platform now available as a Corona Plugin

Jeff Marshall, Founder at CrossInstall, has a long background in game development, ad networks, and app monetization platforms. He has built several ad network companies, most recently CrossInstall. Jeff also has 15+ years of experience building games on consoles, social networks and mobile platforms. Jeff is also a Corona SDK veteran, and has released several games for iOS and Android with the platform.

As our newest Corona Plugin partner, CrossInstall is an ad network that focuses on driving quality traffic for advertising partners and delivering top payments to publishing partners. For more information, please see the CrossInstall documentation.


Guest Piece: Best Practices for App Collaboration

Laura Tallardy is a children’s app developer who has been working with Corona SDK since January 2012. She’s created six apps for kids on iOS and Android – four solo and two with developer Scott Adelman. Their first app, Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles won Corona’s App of the Week and November 2012 App of the Month awards, and their second app, Flower Ballet Fairies: Fairy Ballerina Puzzles, was released spring 2013.

Laura’s most recent solo app, Ballet Fashion Show, was released in 21 languages with over 15,000 downloads, and she’s hard at work with Corona developer Calvin Cox of BrightWaveGames on a new physics puzzle game called Pirate Kittens – look out for it later this year! Laura lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and their tubby dog. In this piece, Laura shares best practices for app collaboration based on her development experience.


Guest Piece: Photon Cloud & Corona SDK, A Dream Team for Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games

Christof Wegmann is founder and CTO of Exit Games, provider of Photon Cloud, the #1 service for cross-platform real-time multiplayer game development. Christof has 13+ years experience in providing services and platforms for mobile devices and founded Exit Games in 2004 with the goal of forming a leading company for multiplayer services.

Photon Cloud is a cross-platform network engine and software as a service (SaaS) for real-time multiplayer games and applications. As the latest Corona Plugin partner, the Photon Cloud plugin is available for all Corona SDK developers. For more information, please see the Photon Cloud plugin documentation.


Guest Piece: 4 Tips For Teaching Coding to Youth

Shawn Grimes has been a mobile app developer since 2008. He is the Co-founder of the Baltimore Mobile meetup group and in 2012, he joined Digital Harbor Foundation as the Director of Technology where he works with youth to teach them software development and other technology skills. In his spare time, Shawn and his wife run Campfire Apps, making apps for young children and families. He is a co-author of the book, iOS 6 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach. You can follow him on twitter: @shawng.

In July 2013, Shawn taught a 2-week mobile game development camp for high school students, using Corona SDK. Based on his experience, Shawn shared 4 tips for working with young developers.